Prevent MailTrack from detecting if you have read your mails!

Now, you can prevent MailTrack from detecting whether you have read or unread the emails that you were sent. MailTrack is an application that lets you know if the recipient have read an email that you sent. It is sort of a double confirmation or  check like WhatsApp but applicable to your email. It is really useful for those who send the mail. But it can be a headache as well if you want to read an email without letting the person know who has sent it to you.



That’s why today we’re going to tell you how to prevent someone from knowing that you’ve read an email using MailTrack . In order to do so, you will have to use PixelBlock. It is a Chrome extension that works in Gmail. So, if you are waiting for more solutions then you have to use Google services to take advantage of this method.

What the application does is, it block attempts to track your activity in emails that make applications like MailTrack. Just install it and that’s it, when you read an email you will be notified in a notification if you have had to block programs of that type.

How to install PixelBlock

All you have to do is enter the official profile of PixelBlock in the Chrome store. Here you will see a description in English of what the application does. On this page, all you have to do is press the Add to Chrome button that you have in blue above right.

Add Extension

When you do, before proceeding to the installation you will see a pop-up window in which you have to give permission upon their request to read the Gmail data. To accept click on the ‘Add Extension’ button and this will start installing automatically in your browser.


You no longer need to do anything else to configure it and it will work without you having to do anything else. From now on, next to the sender of an email will appear a red eye when you have found a tracking program with which this has tried to track if you have opened the mail. When you hover over it it will tell you how many tracking attempts it has avoided and what programs they have used.

You will find the PixelBlock icon at the top right, where the rest of extensions are located. Click on the icon to see different options, such as hiding the icon so you do not bother or uninstall the Chrome extension. You can also go to the extensions manager and have a prompt look on those you have already installed.

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The Mars colony! a dream or reality?

With a new and huge rocket and conducting before tests with voyages between different points of the Earth, Elon Musk wants to reach and start building the Mars colony from 2022. As he explained at the end of last month, SpaceX’s current goal is to build a colony on the red Planet. Not everyone believes it, but recently has given more details on how they expect to get it and how that colony will be like. Mars colony

During the past weekend Elon Musk performed a AMA on Reddit, for those who are not aware, AMA is the abbreviation of Ask me anything, and usually people of interest make one for users to ask anything. Among all the questions that were made Elon Musk, there are a few interesting details that reveal what will be the colony on Mars that plans for 2022.

Facts about settling in Mars colony :

It seems that to SpaceX to get to Mars is the least of the problems, the real challenge is to install the colony on the Red Planet. That yes, not anywhere, because the location of the colony will be determined by a number of factors.

According to Elon Musk, the site they choose should be at a low altitude, in order to maximize the aerodynamic braking. On the other hand, it is important to be near an area with ice for the production of propulsion for rockets. He also commented that some place near the equator of the planet will be ideal for solar panels. Either way, the company hasn’t given the right place yet.

Self-sufficient, but with the help of other companies:

As we already knew, the idea of SpaceX is to establish a colony on Mars that is self-sufficient. To this end, Elon Musk explained that they are designing the ISRU system (use of in-situ resources) with which to collect materials for the propellers on Mars. The funny thing here was a user’s question about whether he will take any of the machines he has developed here on Earth, such as the bulldozer used by the ‘Boring Company’. The CEO of SpaceX answered with a simple “how boring!”, each one can interpret it as he pleases.Mars colonyHow will they solve problems where SpaceX is not involved, such as food production? Elon Musk did not answer directly to that but he dropped that he will need the help of other companies to carry out the mission.

The goal is to take you there and ensure the basic infrastructure for the production of propellants and survival in place.The colony/ industry would need to be built on Mars by many other companies and millions of people.

Will Mars have its own Internet?

The problems in the Mars do not always have to do with the food or the transport. The concern is how the residents will communicate with the people of the earth and if there were plans to make some type of Internet there on Mars? Elon’s response was very much his style:

If someone wants to build a communication channel with a great bandwidth to Mars, please do so.

It should be taken into account that the distance between Earth and Mars is 22 minutes at the speed of light at its maximum separation distance and 3 minutes in the minimum distance. Reducing that time between message sending and receiving is practically impossible.

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How to save money when shopping for a new phone

With all the technological advancements unveiled each day, it comes as no surprise that buying a new phone is often a very expensive undertaking. The truth is that it can cost you thousands if you are not smart about it. With that said, the following are some essential tips on how to save money when shopping for a new phone.

Exercise patience

Avoid rushing out to buy the newest phone model the moment it comes onto the market. This is because simply waiting a while will prevent you from paying extra, which is usually the result of all the hype surrounding the launch of a new phone.

Trade or sell your old phone

Certain phone retailers and carriers will permit you to trade in your old mobile device in exchange for a reduced price on the one you want buy. Another option would be to sell your phone to a friend or family member who may be in need of it and use that money to top off whatever you already have for your new phone.


When buying a new phone, make sure you get what you pay for. This simply means that you should not purchase a device at a very high cost, only to find that you do not need half of the features it has. This would be a waste of money. Go for an item that is practical, contains features that will actually be useful to you, and will not come with huge extra costs such as those associated with unlimited data plans.

Storage needs

The fact is that phones with high storage capacities often tend to cost more. As a result, before you make any purchase, you should carefully consider what you intend to store and install on your new phone. In case, you have other storage options, you can opt to go for a phone that has less space, but is still effective for your needs. Such a move will ensure you save some money on your purchase.

‘Clash Royale’ releases the new version

The wait has come to an end. The update of ‘Clash Royale’ is now available and with it probably the biggest change has been brought to the game since its release. New game modes, daily quests and a good face-lift on how the ‘Clash Royale’ day-to-day operation works.

As if the jump from a beta to a final version was, Supercell has taken good note of everything that players have been claiming during the last year. They wanted a new version that is even more focused on spending as much time as possible in front of the game.

Clash Royale

Supercell wants us to play more and better

‘Clash Royale’ already kept in its gut some of the best tricks to keep users that the era of mobile games has given. Not only did you have a huge collection of cards to unlock, it also invited you to enter the application every few hours to unlock chests with which to get more prizes.

The problem is that, at a certain point, the average user could get tired of that grind by entering two or three times a day. Repeatedly, unlocking a chest, winning some game to win another. Also, keeping that vicious circle for months while you were trying climb positions that open the doors to more coffers and the wheel does not stop turning.

The clans, and the need to stay in the group that nourishes you with special coffers, experience, coins and cards, made the game more accentuated on weekends. But once the Clan Chest is over, nothing would invite you to keep playing at the same pace the rest of the week.

Clash Royale: Epic Missions

That comes into play that is probably the most significant change in this update, the missions. Gather mission points by completing goals and get chests and increasingly juicy prizes. Stop playing and you will be missing out on the chance to level up that card that could change your luck at the finish line.

The play, both at the level of design and maintenance of users, is round. The idea is to keep logging in and spend more time in the application. This will happen either by gathering crowns at a special event, winning battles or playing with specific cards that will force you to change your usual strategy.

Once the mission is finished , or the casket to which you aspired is passed , another new target will take its place. Thus, giving you more reasons to continue playing without having the feeling of being stagnant. If before a chest had four hours to unlock, the only thing that invited you to continue playing was the fun or the intention to climb positions based on getting crowns. But now you have many more things to do, also with other game modes .

The new Touchdown mode

Clash Royale

The most stirring has been Touchdown , a twist to the concept of ‘Clash Royale’ in which the towers and the central river give way to a football field. In it, we must get score three points leading our troops to the goal line of the opponent, while avoiding that our opponent is the one that reaches ours.

To say that it is fun is to stay slightly short, and is that the vice that can provoke is hallucinating. When playing in a team , the rapport with your partner is vital. So, you should always go looking for holes that the enemy could leave while trying not to lose sight of the possibility of support to your ally’s troops.

As everything that is used in excess is burned with the same ease, Supercell has decided to leave these type of challenges under a window of time yet to be determined. This is why we are forced to be attentive when these game modes begin. So, we can be able to enjoy them while they are active.

New challenges for new players

With the arrival of this new challenge, the creators of ‘Clash Royale’ have put into practice another novelty, a daily practice in which we must accumulate 10 crowns to receive different prizes.

The change is that, unlike the other challenges, in these practices there is no room for defeat. No matter how many times we lose, we can continue playing until we get our prize.

The thing has trick because the prizes are not especially juicy, but it is appreciated that they have opened a door more grateful enough with the players who do not dominate the game to 100%. Thinking about them, the normal challenges will be cheaper, require fewer wins and will be available from level 5 .

The round of developments in this aspect ends with the Mirror challenge. It’s a mode yet to be revealed in which the four participants of a 2c2 will have the same deck, thus control the balance when facing other players.

In addition, if our partner is the good, at the end of the game we will have the opportunity to talk to him via chat or claim a rematch.

A shop less focused on getting us money

The last big change of ‘Clash Royale’ comes from the store . If we used to have three daily cards available to buy, now the holes go up to six. Thus, giving us more options when choosing where we want to spend our precious coins.

The most curious is that, among them, we will be given the opportunity to purchase a free prize per day, which can be from coffers to bags of coins or gems.

It is not the only offer that will be available, and is that now the cards of the store can be sold separately or in packs, thus obtaining a large number of cards for much more attractive prices than before, and also giving the option to acquire one of those packs with gems of the game.

It will not come cheap, but we are grateful that they have changed a system with which it was practically impossible to improve your short-term mazosa. Now we depend on luck to get the letter we want in the store, but we do not need to be saving weeks to get the one we need.

Not only that, the mythical epic Sundays will also usher in an epic card completely free, which will surely invite novice players to continue dedicating hours to the game despite not having their collection in full.

Clash Royale has come to stay

Supercell’s message with this update is very clear. ‘Clash Royale’ has come to stay, and for this it takes certain sacrifices on the part of his company, being the main one of them that inevitably forces its creators to be less greedy. The user receives more prizes and, as a reward, stays more hooked to the game.

Let ‘Clash Royale’ jump from mobile to other formats. Be on everyone’s lips thanks to their eSport competitions, and let people talk about the game and move their content on social networks with options like sharing our decks. In short, that ‘Clash Royale’ ends up being more than that game you have in your pocket to occupy dead times. Let it end up being the revolution that has been shouting since it hit the market.

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Review of PS4 Pro

Sony’s famous flagship gaming console the PlayStation has been popular throughout the years. The first ever PlayStation was launched by Sony in 1994. A series of consoles followed with the PlayStation 2 and 3. The most advanced and powerful PlayStation, the PS4 was launched in 2014 and had dominated the gaming and console market ever since. Recently Sony released an updated version of the PS4 called the PS4 Pro. In this article we shall review the PS4 Pro in detail.

An interesting update

The PlayStation 4 Pro is an update to the previous PlayStation 4. The new console is pretty much same to the PS4 except that it supports 4k video output and HDR. The PS4 Pro also has an updated graphics card. The specs of the PlayStation 4 Pro are
• Jaguar X86-64 AMD processor with 8 cores
• AMD Radeon 4.20 Teraflops graphics engine with 8Gb DDR5 memory
• 1 Tb storage capacity
• Supports 4k and HDR

PS4 Pro

This new Ps4 Pro allows you to play games seamlessly with an 8 core processor which is fast enough for any current modern games. The graphics card by AMD renders beautiful images and keeps the frame rate pretty stable. You get to play games in 4k resolutions and it supports HDR in certain games only. Of course, to fully utilize the PS4 Pro you would be needing a 4k TV, but it is faster than its predecessor the PS4. The 1 tb storage capacity allows you to store a wide number of games and media on your PS4 Pro. It offers you integration with the PS VR headset and also has functionalities for the PlayStation camera. Continue reading Review of PS4 Pro

Ten Apps to Save Money on Vacation

Now , there are apps to save money on vacation. So, no more financial stress during holidays. During  this delicate economic situation all over the world, only fewer families go on holidays each year . According to the results of consumption profiles of habits, less than half of the families travel in summer. Paradoxically, the spending of those that have already gone increases year after year, going from an average of 940 euros in 2010 to more than 1,000 euros in 2013. In this article you will find ten applications to save on vacations , apps to make a plan expenses, find the best deals in hotels and even not to pay for the gym.

Six apps to save money on vacation

Finetonic :

This Spanish application is very useful during the holidays, since it manages the financial information and advises the best way to spend the money. By synchronizing with bank accounts, it allows you to read the information, as well as evaluate the income and expenses to better invest the money. The strength of this app is its security, because it has a 256-bit encryption, which is the same as the banks.

Your Expenses:

This finance application, mobile version, will give you a very simple report so that you can easily understand your day-to-day expenses during the holidays. By connecting to your bank accounts, you will understand how and where you spend your money.


If you want to know how you spent your money this summer in a simple and visual way, this is your app. Extremely graphical, Spendee shows you spending graphs so you can analyze them quickly.


This is the ideal application for travelers who control their spending more and do not want to get out of their budget at any time during the holidays. This app, in addition to having a careful design, lets you set goals and then go to inform you whether you have complied or not. Allows you to plan expenses and plan savings : Wally will be aware that this is the case at all times.


If one of your most frequent financial woes is the receipts of the purchase (who has not lost a ticket of something that he wanted to return?), This application will greatly facilitate your day to day. Onereceipt saves all your receipts by keeping your invoices securely at your disposal this summer, whenever you need them.


This app is suitable for those who travel as a couple or as a group and who also maintain a joint economy. Goodbudget allows you to synchronize two mobiles for better management of saving money . Very useful to avoid problems and discussions, so frequent in travel!

Three applications to save on summer


Do you want to save the personal trainer’s fee while losing the extra pounds this summer? For fitness enthusiasts and concerned about the line on vacation, Fitness Buddy puts at your disposal a personal trainer without paying your services. Very comfortable to practice sport in the hotel or on the beach without having to spend money in gyms or sports club.


If cinema or concerts can not miss on your vacation, this app is for you. Goldstar finds the best discounts on tickets and offers in any city in the world.

WiFi Finder:

Holidays and travel often involve an increase in the telephone bill due to the increased consumption of mobile data due to the lack of free connections. This application allows you to find public Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, bars, hotels and sites where you can connect for free; and thus neglect the amount of data spent. Good news? YouTube and Google Maps can soon be used without an Internet connection .

An app to find cheaper accommodation

Hotel Tonight. This app finds the best deals on last minute hotels and the bargains you can not miss. It only allows you to book a week in advance, which makes it especially useful for escapades and unplanned vacations. If you also want to travel with your pet, discover the hotels that accept your dog .

Thanks for reading my article  ‘Ten Apps to Save Money on Vacation’.  Apart from the applications mentioned above , there are many other apps to save money on vacation, But , before using any of those apps please go through the reviews and public forums to know about their authenticity. Hope you enjoy your holidays with near and dear ones.

Best apps for weight loss!

Now, no need to rely on physical trainers or personal consultants for reducing weight anymore because you have apps for weight loss. Even though it is often said that we are shackled by the chains of technology, but it’s not true in all cases. Some applications are there which help us to train ourselves or eat healthy for losing weight. However, the technology offers a multitude of options to recover the physical form, whether exercising or taking care of the food. This article lists the best mobile apps to get it.

For many people, the year begins in September, as it is a month of changes in which many purposes and projects are marked, such as finding a job or learning a language. Another of them may be to leave behind the bad habits that are sometimes taken on vacation and return to the routine with a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, there are several apps for weight loss that help it, either in the field of nutrition as in sports and physical activity. What are the best for it?

1.Apps for Gym

There are many people who, after holiday break, point to a gym for sports. The options are very varied and in these centers there are both collective classes as machines and devices to burn fat and exercise the muscles independently.

A complementary tool to the activity in the gym is the smartphone. And there are numerous apps available for both Android and IOS that help make workouts more effective. Here are some of them:

Total Fitness

Fitness lovers no longer have an excuse not to move around. The Total fitness application is very intuitive and has a whole range of exercises to perform in the gym with detailed explanations and supported by multimedia elements such as images and videos.

One of the most positive aspects of this app is that it allows the user to set goals and fulfill them week by week with the corresponding exercises. Apart from this, it includes extras as tools to calculate the percentage of body fat or motivating phrases.

GYM Trainer 

This fitness and bodybuilding application is one of the most complete in the market. GYM Trainer not only lets you consult workouts and diets, but also acts as a community where you share information, tips and ideas with other users.

There is also a BMI (body mass index) and calorie calculator, as well as a HIIT timer for interval measurement or timers. To this add other sections as the questions and advice.

2. Apps for exercising on the street or at home

There are many things you can do with outdoor technology. One of them is playing sports. And, again, mobile technology can be very useful in this aspect with some apps on physical exercise:


Currently running is among the most popular sporting activities. And Runtastic is the app with which you can register all kinds of data about careers that are done, such as distance, time, speed or calories burned. It uses GPS technology and can also be used with other exercises such as jogging or cycling.

In addition, it is possible to compare the physical performance with that of other users, as it includes a ranking that shows the people who most run per week or per month. Who dares to try to be at the top of the tabla0?

Home Workouts

Exercising at home has never been easier. Home workouts is very easy to use and allows you to practice sports without having to move to a gym. For starters, this application shows the benefits of warming and guides the user in this process. And, in addition, it gives the option both to follow a circuit and to focus on a specific muscular area.

The most positive thing about this app is that it is very visual, because the exercises are accompanied by images that move to exemplify the execution of each activity.

3. Apps to follow a healthy diet

To be fit, you have to flee from sedentary life and unhealthy food. Following a balanced diet is easier than it looks and some mobile applications make it easier to organize. What are the most recommended apps for weight loss or proper food management?

apps for weight loss


Although the variety of apps is infinite, EatSlowly is a good option because it fixes something that many people do wrong: eating too fast. The nutritionists do not stop emphasizing the importance of eating food slowly and chewing well. This free app helps to keep pace and control the time it takes to chew. By fulfilling this, losing weight and assimilating nutrients from food is much easier.


Fooducate helps to lose weight without raising a diet, but reeducating in a food way. To do this, it analyzes the profile of the user, from the age, the sex and the height, to the level of physical activity. This is useful for those who want to learn and enjoy eating in a personalized way.

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Navigation system TomTom Go extended with new features

TomTom renews its Go series of smart, portable satellite navigation systems. Maps, traffic information and flash notifications can be updated automatically and free of charge.

The portable TomTom Go 250, 620, 5200 & 6200 satellite navigation systems allow you to quickly and easily update wirelessly thanks to it’s built-in wifi. TomTom’s traffic information, maps and flash reports are free of cost.

The route managers are compatible with personal assistants such as Siri from Apple, Google Now and Cortana from Microsoft. You can take a search or take hands-free phone calls through a voice command. The TomTom Go can also read embedded text messages.navigation

Thanks to their powerful quadcore processors and TomTom software. These navigation systems also contain some intelligence. They are able to learn your driving skills and, for example, automatically predict your destination so you can board and drive without programming the navigator. The condition for this latter is that you use the TomTom App Mydrive on your smartphone to plan and save your routes. The TomTom Go automatically synchronizes information with MyDrive.

Pressure traffic is automatically circumvented if possible. If you’re approaching a traffic jam or flash, the TomTom GO gives a sound alert so you can reduce time.

Hardware configuration and price:

The new navigation systems have 16GB of internal memory that can be expanded via a microSD card with up to 32GB. The built-in battery lasts up to an hour. An active magnetic holder for the windshield or on the dashboard is included. This allows the system to be handled and removed with one hand and one.

The systems differ especially in screen diagonal. The top model Go 6200 has a 154 ppi 6-inch (16 cm) screen. The Go 5200 has a 109 ppi 5 inch (13 cm) screen. Both of these car navigation systems have sim cards that support live updates.

The cheaper Go 520 (5 inch) and Go 620 (6 inch) models need to connect with a smartphone for live traffic jams and flash reports.

The new systems will be in stores in October. You pay 229,95 € for the GO 520, 279,95 € for the GO 620, 329,95 € for the GO 5200 and 379,95 € for the GO 6200.

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COPCAR-a system for detecting heart problems before the patient himself

COPCAR is a revolutionary  system that can detect adverse cardiac conditions before the patient himself does. Your chances of surviving a heart attack depend directly on how long it takes to attend the problem, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation. This can sometimes be too much, among other things, by the time it takes to realize what’s happening to you. But a group of Spanish researchers has developed a system with which they intend to help in this problem.

This is COPCAR (Control of high-risk patients) consists of a textile garment full of sensors that will read your heart activity at all times. This data is sent to a mobile using an application that, as the creators assure, would be able to detect almost immediately your heart attack and warn you, and when it detects a problem sends them to a control center to start the pertinent warnings.


COPCAR has been developed by a group of researchers led by Tomás Vicente, head of the cardiology service at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Murcia, and the expert systems engineer in telemedicine Carlos Jiménez. While doing the research they took help from BQ, who has provided them with the mobile devices in which to carry out the tests and to develop the application.

How COPCAR Works

COPCAR focuses on people who have cardiovascular problems and want or need to keep a constant monitoring of their vital signs. To do this, this ECG monitoring system has a garment that you put on your chest, which has a small device attached called ‘minder’. It is responsible for recording and transmitting the signals to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

On the mobile you can read the signals by an app in which you will also be able to see your heart rate in real time and make a call to the emergency services. The application is responsible for performing a preliminary processing of your vital data and if it detects any problems it sends them to a data center that interprets cardiac activity.

With this mechanics in three steps and always according to its creators, COPCAR should be able to detect a wide range of heart disease. Such as, arrhythmia, angina pectoris or cardiac infarct. After detecting the problem the device sends an alert to a Signal collection center, where a medical team evaluates the information. Then they inform the user, his/her relatives and the emergency location services about the user status and the risk of the episode he’s suffering.

“A person usually takes about 45 minutes to determine if he or she is having a heart attack before calling 112,” says Tomás Vicente, one of the project’s leaders. “With COPCAR he does it in a minute because he doesn’t have to decide it based only on his feelings.”


Obviously, these are the forecasts of their creators, so until a large number of people starts testing it you will not be able to have a realistic notion of reaction times. They also have other challenges like the comfort of their bra-shaped garment and how the system reacts to situations such as the user having their mobile switched off or without coverage to send the information to the data center.

In any case, we are discussing an amazing device that aims to save lives by reducing the 139 minutes of media that usually takes a patient to receive medical care since suffering a cardiac episode which is only 17 minutes in urban areas and a bit more in remote ares.

The price, another factor to take into account

Yoy can purchase COPCAR  in the online shop of the project for a price of 990 euros. It includes two of the textile garments, two gels, a minder, the monitoring application and a mobile that do not specify a specific model, but given the association with BQ should belong to the Spanish brand.

In the pictures of the product it’s visible that the mobile that appears is a Aquaris x 5 Plus whose price is around 280 euros.That means the other 710 euros would belong to the rest of the system that comes included in the purchase.

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Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Hyperdeportivo @ 2 million euros

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the latest model that has been announced for the exclusive club of Hyper sports vehicles. It has been developed by the British brand in collaboration with the designer Adrian Newey and the engineers of the Red Bull team. Therefore, it’s a hybrid car with high competition instincts.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

There are people in the world to whom, the price of their next vehicle do not matter as much as exclusivity. Well, for them Aston Martin has unveiled all the details of his new Valkyrie. It is a car that will go to the market with a price of about two million euros and of which only 150 units are manufactured.

The first thing that draws attention is its sporting aspect, with aerodynamics that derive directly from the Formula One and an impeccable finish. It will have a monocoque chassis made entirely of carbon fiber to reduce the resistance and maximize the maximum speed, as well as a pack of light batteries signed by RIMAC, achieving a weight of just 1,030 kg.

As for its interior, Aston Martin Valkyrie will have a power of around 1,145 HP, of which 1,000 CV are to be in charge of its 6.5-liter atmospheric fast-spinning V12 engine. The rest of the power will be in charge of the electric motor that will supplement the main.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

It also draws the attention that the car has sacrificed the rear view mirrors, which are replaced by a system of rear cameras. The doors open up to try to enter a spectacular cockpit that reminds us that it is a model with a soul of Formula One.

The two-seater cockpit features its completely minimalist finish, featuring a central screen and a rectangular steering wheel with a very sporty design and full of control buttons. Their seats look great, they are anchored to the ground and have two configurations for seat belts: A four-point series harness or six anchor points.

In fact it is a fully customizable car, where you will be able to choose the materials of the seats, the instrument panel, the ceiling or the cladding. You can also choose the finishes and reflectivity of the bodywork panels, the colors and the wheel covers.

The design team of the car has taken care to the position in which you feel, which is a racing position in which you are above your hips. In fact, personalization is carried out to the extreme that from the British mark ensure that the size of the cockpit will be adapted to the measures of its buyer.

Exclusivity up to the number of units:

The car is so exclusive that although you can afford to pay the two million euros it will cost you have many chances to stay without it, because as we said only 150 units will be produced. They will also manufacture another 25 additional unapproved for circuit only, and equipped with a more extreme aerodynamic package and an even more concise weight.

According to the project managers, once you configure your car you will be given a scale model 1 to 18 with the colors you have chosen. And with this you will have to make up a season, because it is expected that the first personalized models of this car are not delivered to their owners until the next 2019.

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