Alojapp is a Colombian application that seeks to provide a different experience to guests during their hotel stay. This venture, was born in the minds of a group of young Colombians. Now, already has more than 75,000 registered users and an operation in 24 hotels nationwide.

According to Daniel Forero, CEO of Alojapp, part of the services can be enjoyed by guests enrolled in this application. Those are: to register quickly, receive a personalized welcome by means of a text message or email, check the hotel’s meals menu, request services to the room. Moreover, you can find out about the offer of the place where they are with things. Such as recreation and rest areas, among others.

Guests have not been the only beneficiaries with the implementation of this mobile application. According to Forero , hotels have reported increases in different metrics, thanks to the use of Alojapp in their establishments.

The company figures say that a hotel that uses this application grows on average 93%. This happens in terms of satisfaction to its guests, domestic consumption increases by 80% and its reputation on TripAdvisor improves 77%. For Forero, this makes the service an attractive investment for the hotel industry.

What were the issues they identified when designing the application? Forero says that ” the first is the lack of technology in the area of guest service. We are accustomed to request our addresses and transport through applications that are dedicated to this, but we arrive at the hotel and our cell phone does not have a function. “

He added that, in addition to this failure, they identified the abyss of communication between hotels and their guests. This often used to summarize on desk phones, which seem to have fallen into disuse in the digital age.

To this must be added the low rating that these places have on platforms like TripAdvisor. “We realized that the hotels were suffering for their reputation on TripAdvisor, partly because not all guests qualify and those who do is to express a disagreement,” said Forero. He asserts that, as a solution to this problem , at the end of the stay they send a survey of satisfaction to the guests. Thus they have managed to fade the bad reputation that they have many of these places in Internet.

Technological innovation

This Colombian application, although not the only one thought of in the hotel industry. But it does seem to be the first to attack the language barrier through a translator that allows real-time communication between the guest and the hotel. Thanks to a service bot to the user (a kind of virtual assistant that translates automatically using artificial intelligence and language processing techniques). “Many customers with whom we have tried the bot have told us that there is a differential factor and that it generates value to the proposal of personalizing the service to the guest”, according to Sebastián Herrera, CCO of Alojapp.

Market expansion


Alojapp currently offer services to the guests of different hotels at different cities. Such as, in Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Santa Marta, Cartagena and Barranquilla among other cities.

The projections of Aojapp are to reach between five and seven years to other Latin American countries. Their goal is to have a participation in the South American hotel market of 1%. This figure translates into approximately 1,000 hotels and in revenues that exceeds $ 1,300 million.

Hopefully there will be no language or communication barrier in hotel services in future. This will certainly ensure us more enjoyable stay and recreation during our vacations or business trips.