Now, no need to rely on physical trainers or personal consultants for reducing weight anymore because you have apps for weight loss. Even though it is often said that we are shackled by the chains of technology, but it’s not true in all cases. Some applications are there which help us to train ourselves or eat healthy for losing weight. However, the technology offers a multitude of options to recover the physical form, whether exercising or taking care of the food. This article lists the best mobile apps to get it.

For many people, the year begins in September, as it is a month of changes in which many purposes and projects are marked, such as finding a job or learning a language. Another of them may be to leave behind the bad habits that are sometimes taken on vacation and return to the routine with a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, there are several apps for weight loss that help it, either in the field of nutrition as in sports and physical activity. What are the best for it?

1.Apps for Gym

There are many people who, after holiday break, point to a gym for sports. The options are very varied and in these centers there are both collective classes as machines and devices to burn fat and exercise the muscles independently.

A complementary tool to the activity in the gym is the smartphone. And there are numerous apps available for both Android and IOS that help make workouts more effective. Here are some of them:

Total Fitness

Fitness lovers no longer have an excuse not to move around. The Total fitness application is very intuitive and has a whole range of exercises to perform in the gym with detailed explanations and supported by multimedia elements such as images and videos.

One of the most positive aspects of this app is that it allows the user to set goals and fulfill them week by week with the corresponding exercises. Apart from this, it includes extras as tools to calculate the percentage of body fat or motivating phrases.

GYM TrainerĀ 

This fitness and bodybuilding application is one of the most complete in the market. GYM Trainer not only lets you consult workouts and diets, but also acts as a community where you share information, tips and ideas with other users.

There is also a BMI (body mass index) and calorie calculator, as well as a HIIT timer for interval measurement or timers. To this add other sections as the questions and advice.

2. Apps for exercising on the street or at home

There are many things you can do with outdoor technology. One of them is playing sports. And, again, mobile technology can be very useful in this aspect with some apps on physical exercise:


Currently running is among the most popular sporting activities. And Runtastic is the app with which you can register all kinds of data about careers that are done, such as distance, time, speed or calories burned. It uses GPS technology and can also be used with other exercises such as jogging or cycling.

In addition, it is possible to compare the physical performance with that of other users, as it includes a ranking that shows the people who most run per week or per month. Who dares to try to be at the top of the tabla0?

Home Workouts

Exercising at home has never been easier. Home workouts is very easy to use and allows you to practice sports without having to move to a gym. For starters, this application shows the benefits of warming and guides the user in this process. And, in addition, it gives the option both to follow a circuit and to focus on a specific muscular area.

The most positive thing about this app is that it is very visual, because the exercises are accompanied by images that move to exemplify the execution of each activity.

3. Apps to follow a healthy diet

To be fit, you have to flee from sedentary life and unhealthy food. Following a balanced diet is easier than it looks and some mobile applications make it easier to organize. What are the most recommended apps for weight loss or proper food management?

apps for weight loss


Although the variety of apps is infinite, EatSlowly is a good option because it fixes something that many people do wrong: eating too fast. The nutritionists do not stop emphasizing the importance of eating food slowly and chewing well. This free app helps to keep pace and control the time it takes to chew. By fulfilling this, losing weight and assimilating nutrients from food is much easier.


Fooducate helps to lose weight without raising a diet, but reeducating in a food way. To do this, it analyzes the profile of the user, from the age, the sex and the height, to the level of physical activity. This is useful for those who want to learn and enjoy eating in a personalized way.

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