Now , there are apps to save money on vacation. So, no more financial stress during holidays. During  this delicate economic situation all over the world, only fewer families go on holidays each year . According to the results of consumption profiles of habits, less than half of the families travel in summer. Paradoxically, the spending of those that have already gone increases year after year, going from an average of 940 euros in 2010 to more than 1,000 euros in 2013. In this article you will find ten applications to save on vacations , apps to make a plan expenses, find the best deals in hotels and even not to pay for the gym.

Six apps to save money on vacation

Finetonic :

This Spanish application is very useful during the holidays, since it manages the financial information and advises the best way to spend the money. By synchronizing with bank accounts, it allows you to read the information, as well as evaluate the income and expenses to better invest the money. The strength of this app is its security, because it has a 256-bit encryption, which is the same as the banks.

Your Expenses:

This finance application, mobile version, will give you a very simple report so that you can easily understand your day-to-day expenses during the holidays. By connecting to your bank accounts, you will understand how and where you spend your money.


If you want to know how you spent your money this summer in a simple and visual way, this is your app. Extremely graphical, Spendee shows you spending graphs so you can analyze them quickly.


This is the ideal application for travelers who control their spending more and do not want to get out of their budget at any time during the holidays. This app, in addition to having a careful design, lets you set goals and then go to inform you whether you have complied or not. Allows you to plan expenses and plan savings : Wally will be aware that this is the case at all times.


If one of your most frequent financial woes is the receipts of the purchase (who has not lost a ticket of something that he wanted to return?), This application will greatly facilitate your day to day. Onereceipt saves all your receipts by keeping your invoices securely at your disposal this summer, whenever you need them.


This app is suitable for those who travel as a couple or as a group and who also maintain a joint economy. Goodbudget allows you to synchronize two mobiles for better management of saving money . Very useful to avoid problems and discussions, so frequent in travel!

Three applications to save on summer


Do you want to save the personal trainer’s fee while losing the extra pounds this summer? For fitness enthusiasts and concerned about the line on vacation, Fitness Buddy puts at your disposal a personal trainer without paying your services. Very comfortable to practice sport in the hotel or on the beach without having to spend money in gyms or sports club.


If cinema or concerts can not miss on your vacation, this app is for you. Goldstar finds the best discounts on tickets and offers in any city in the world.

WiFi Finder:

Holidays and travel often involve an increase in the telephone bill due to the increased consumption of mobile data due to the lack of free connections. This application allows you to find public Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, bars, hotels and sites where you can connect for free; and thus neglect the amount of data spent. Good news? YouTube and Google Maps can soon be used without an Internet connection .

An app to find cheaper accommodation

Hotel Tonight. This app finds the best deals on last minute hotels and the bargains you can not miss. It only allows you to book a week in advance, which makes it especially useful for escapades and unplanned vacations. If you also want to travel with your pet, discover the hotels that accept your dog.

Thanks for reading my article  ‘Ten Apps to Save Money on Vacation’.  Apart from the applications mentioned above , there are many other apps to save money on vacation, But , before using any of those apps please go through the reviews and public forums to know about their authenticity. Hope you enjoy your holidays with near and dear ones.