In the recent future, the advancement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence should occur exponentially, with a similar impact to the Internet and mobile computing.

The Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is the combination of techniques and algorithms that are intended to create machines that share the same capabilities as human beings, as logical reasoning, presentation of knowledge, planning, natural language processing, perception and intelligence.

Siri, Apple’s social network Pinterest and photos of Google, are examples of applications that already use Artificial Intelligence.

In the coming years, the adoption of this technology should happen exponentially, whether for personal or business use, having a similar impact to the Internet and mobile computing.

“Just as the Internet has revolutionized many industries, we believe that Artificial Intelligence will transform the way many companies operate, in addition to the impacts it will bring on various aspects of our personal lives. Possibly we will not see a single application or process that does not take advantage of this technology, making it probably the biggest technological revolution today, “says Vicente Goetten, director of TOTVS Labs.

The following are eight practical applications of technology in different market segments:

  1. Agriculture

Simplify and accelerate the most important business decision making of any producer or agronomist: when is the best time to plant and harvest, or even, what inputs to use? There are already specific platforms for agro-industry in the market that are used of diverse database on the type of soil, seeds and climate to analyze and suggest the best way forward.

  1. Logistics and Transportation

In the city of Mountain View, it is common to see self-employed cars roaming the streets every day. It is very likely that in the next five years it will be normal to find thousands of these vehicles circulating around the world. In addition, trains, trucks and other means of transport can also be driven by robots . 

  1. Health and Biotechnology

In the health segment, Artificial Intelligence helps physicians and patients to have a faster and more accurate diagnosis. One of the highlights is the detection of cancer by blood samples in patients. The material collected has a huge amount of data that needs to be analyzed to find certain patterns. The technique helps to identify the genetic factors that could lead to the development or not of a disease.

  1. Retail

To make sales forecasts and choose the right product to recommend to a particular customer, are some of the capabilities that the AI can offer today. Companies like Amazon use robots to identify whether or not a book will succeed, even before its release. Another excellent application for the retail sector (and other industries) is inventory optimization , where AI can help companies forecast incomes and determine how much of an input should be purchased.

  1. Education

It allows the creation of different types of services, such as knowing if a student is about to cancel their registration or withdrawing from a course, suggesting new courses for a student, or even creating personalized offers to optimize learning and promote education.

  1. Financial Services

Smart technologies can help financial institutions recognize the risks a customer may pose and even predict market patterns and their consequences, as well as recommend operations; all executed automatically to have answers and analyzes ready for the officials.

  1. Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Conducting a study of products and parts that require maintenance, even before the presentation of problems, helping manufacturing companies on when to buy and / or produce, as well as predict impacts and risks of suppliers, are possible actions with the use of innovation.

  1. Virtual Personal Assistants

All of us are or will be affected by personal assistants. In the coming years the banks will have digital employees helping us to perform some operations and also, to answer our questions, thus streamlining the attention to the public . With this same type of virtual support it will also be possible to better organize holiday travel , for example, planning and scheduling details such as flights, hotels and transfers

Thanks for reading the article. May be that day is not too far when we shall sit on our couch of AI and technology will spoonfeed us everything through our smartphone!!!!