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Prevent MailTrack from detecting if you have read your mails!

Now, you can prevent MailTrack from detecting whether you have read or unread the emails that you were sent. MailTrack is an application that lets you know if the recipient have read an email that you sent. It is sort of a double confirmation or  check like WhatsApp but applicable to your email. It is really useful for those who send the mail. But it can be a headache as well if you want to read an email without letting the person know who has sent it to you.



That’s why today we’re going to tell you how to prevent someone from knowing that you’ve read an email using MailTrack . In order to do so, you will have to use PixelBlock. It is a Chrome extension that works in Gmail. So, if you are waiting for more solutions then you have to use Google services to take advantage of this method.

What the application does is, it block attempts to track your activity in emails that make applications like MailTrack. Just install it and that’s it, when you read an email you will be notified in a notification if you have had to block programs of that type.

How to install PixelBlock

All you have to do is enter the official profile of PixelBlock in the Chrome store. Here you will see a description in English of what the application does. On this page, all you have to do is press the Add to Chrome button that you have in blue above right.

Add Extension

When you do, before proceeding to the installation you will see a pop-up window in which you have to give permission upon their request to read the Gmail data. To accept click on the ‘Add Extension’ button and this will start installing automatically in your browser.


You no longer need to do anything else to configure it and it will work without you having to do anything else. From now on, next to the sender of an email will appear a red eye when you have found a tracking program with which this has tried to track if you have opened the mail. When you hover over it it will tell you how many tracking attempts it has avoided and what programs they have used.

You will find the PixelBlock icon at the top right, where the rest of extensions are located. Click on the icon to see different options, such as hiding the icon so you do not bother or uninstall the Chrome extension. You can also go to the extensions manager and have a prompt look on those you have already installed.

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Ten Apps to Save Money on Vacation

Now , there are apps to save money on vacation. So, no more financial stress during holidays. During  this delicate economic situation all over the world, only fewer families go on holidays each year . According to the results of consumption profiles of habits, less than half of the families travel in summer. Paradoxically, the spending of those that have already gone increases year after year, going from an average of 940 euros in 2010 to more than 1,000 euros in 2013. In this article you will find ten applications to save on vacations , apps to make a plan expenses, find the best deals in hotels and even not to pay for the gym.

Six apps to save money on vacation

Finetonic :

This Spanish application is very useful during the holidays, since it manages the financial information and advises the best way to spend the money. By synchronizing with bank accounts, it allows you to read the information, as well as evaluate the income and expenses to better invest the money. The strength of this app is its security, because it has a 256-bit encryption, which is the same as the banks.

Your Expenses:

This finance application, mobile version, will give you a very simple report so that you can easily understand your day-to-day expenses during the holidays. By connecting to your bank accounts, you will understand how and where you spend your money.


If you want to know how you spent your money this summer in a simple and visual way, this is your app. Extremely graphical, Spendee shows you spending graphs so you can analyze them quickly.


This is the ideal application for travelers who control their spending more and do not want to get out of their budget at any time during the holidays. This app, in addition to having a careful design, lets you set goals and then go to inform you whether you have complied or not. Allows you to plan expenses and plan savings : Wally will be aware that this is the case at all times.


If one of your most frequent financial woes is the receipts of the purchase (who has not lost a ticket of something that he wanted to return?), This application will greatly facilitate your day to day. Onereceipt saves all your receipts by keeping your invoices securely at your disposal this summer, whenever you need them.


This app is suitable for those who travel as a couple or as a group and who also maintain a joint economy. Goodbudget allows you to synchronize two mobiles for better management of saving money . Very useful to avoid problems and discussions, so frequent in travel!

Three applications to save on summer


Do you want to save the personal trainer’s fee while losing the extra pounds this summer? For fitness enthusiasts and concerned about the line on vacation, Fitness Buddy puts at your disposal a personal trainer without paying your services. Very comfortable to practice sport in the hotel or on the beach without having to spend money in gyms or sports club.


If cinema or concerts can not miss on your vacation, this app is for you. Goldstar finds the best discounts on tickets and offers in any city in the world.

WiFi Finder:

Holidays and travel often involve an increase in the telephone bill due to the increased consumption of mobile data due to the lack of free connections. This application allows you to find public Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, bars, hotels and sites where you can connect for free; and thus neglect the amount of data spent. Good news? YouTube and Google Maps can soon be used without an Internet connection .

An app to find cheaper accommodation

Hotel Tonight. This app finds the best deals on last minute hotels and the bargains you can not miss. It only allows you to book a week in advance, which makes it especially useful for escapades and unplanned vacations. If you also want to travel with your pet, discover the hotels that accept your dog .

Thanks for reading my article  ‘Ten Apps to Save Money on Vacation’.  Apart from the applications mentioned above , there are many other apps to save money on vacation, But , before using any of those apps please go through the reviews and public forums to know about their authenticity. Hope you enjoy your holidays with near and dear ones.

Best apps for weight loss!

Now, no need to rely on physical trainers or personal consultants for reducing weight anymore because you have apps for weight loss. Even though it is often said that we are shackled by the chains of technology, but it’s not true in all cases. Some applications are there which help us to train ourselves or eat healthy for losing weight. However, the technology offers a multitude of options to recover the physical form, whether exercising or taking care of the food. This article lists the best mobile apps to get it.

For many people, the year begins in September, as it is a month of changes in which many purposes and projects are marked, such as finding a job or learning a language. Another of them may be to leave behind the bad habits that are sometimes taken on vacation and return to the routine with a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, there are several apps for weight loss that help it, either in the field of nutrition as in sports and physical activity. What are the best for it?

1.Apps for Gym

There are many people who, after holiday break, point to a gym for sports. The options are very varied and in these centers there are both collective classes as machines and devices to burn fat and exercise the muscles independently.

A complementary tool to the activity in the gym is the smartphone. And there are numerous apps available for both Android and IOS that help make workouts more effective. Here are some of them:

Total Fitness

Fitness lovers no longer have an excuse not to move around. The Total fitness application is very intuitive and has a whole range of exercises to perform in the gym with detailed explanations and supported by multimedia elements such as images and videos.

One of the most positive aspects of this app is that it allows the user to set goals and fulfill them week by week with the corresponding exercises. Apart from this, it includes extras as tools to calculate the percentage of body fat or motivating phrases.

GYM Trainer 

This fitness and bodybuilding application is one of the most complete in the market. GYM Trainer not only lets you consult workouts and diets, but also acts as a community where you share information, tips and ideas with other users.

There is also a BMI (body mass index) and calorie calculator, as well as a HIIT timer for interval measurement or timers. To this add other sections as the questions and advice.

2. Apps for exercising on the street or at home

There are many things you can do with outdoor technology. One of them is playing sports. And, again, mobile technology can be very useful in this aspect with some apps on physical exercise:


Currently running is among the most popular sporting activities. And Runtastic is the app with which you can register all kinds of data about careers that are done, such as distance, time, speed or calories burned. It uses GPS technology and can also be used with other exercises such as jogging or cycling.

In addition, it is possible to compare the physical performance with that of other users, as it includes a ranking that shows the people who most run per week or per month. Who dares to try to be at the top of the tabla0?

Home Workouts

Exercising at home has never been easier. Home workouts is very easy to use and allows you to practice sports without having to move to a gym. For starters, this application shows the benefits of warming and guides the user in this process. And, in addition, it gives the option both to follow a circuit and to focus on a specific muscular area.

The most positive thing about this app is that it is very visual, because the exercises are accompanied by images that move to exemplify the execution of each activity.

3. Apps to follow a healthy diet

To be fit, you have to flee from sedentary life and unhealthy food. Following a balanced diet is easier than it looks and some mobile applications make it easier to organize. What are the most recommended apps for weight loss or proper food management?

apps for weight loss


Although the variety of apps is infinite, EatSlowly is a good option because it fixes something that many people do wrong: eating too fast. The nutritionists do not stop emphasizing the importance of eating food slowly and chewing well. This free app helps to keep pace and control the time it takes to chew. By fulfilling this, losing weight and assimilating nutrients from food is much easier.


Fooducate helps to lose weight without raising a diet, but reeducating in a food way. To do this, it analyzes the profile of the user, from the age, the sex and the height, to the level of physical activity. This is useful for those who want to learn and enjoy eating in a personalized way.

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Navigation system TomTom Go extended with new features

TomTom renews its Go series of smart, portable satellite navigation systems. Maps, traffic information and flash notifications can be updated automatically and free of charge.

The portable TomTom Go 250, 620, 5200 & 6200 satellite navigation systems allow you to quickly and easily update wirelessly thanks to it’s built-in wifi. TomTom’s traffic information, maps and flash reports are free of cost.

The route managers are compatible with personal assistants such as Siri from Apple, Google Now and Cortana from Microsoft. You can take a search or take hands-free phone calls through a voice command. The TomTom Go can also read embedded text messages.navigation

Thanks to their powerful quadcore processors and TomTom software. These navigation systems also contain some intelligence. They are able to learn your driving skills and, for example, automatically predict your destination so you can board and drive without programming the navigator. The condition for this latter is that you use the TomTom App Mydrive on your smartphone to plan and save your routes. The TomTom Go automatically synchronizes information with MyDrive.

Pressure traffic is automatically circumvented if possible. If you’re approaching a traffic jam or flash, the TomTom GO gives a sound alert so you can reduce time.

Hardware configuration and price:

The new navigation systems have 16GB of internal memory that can be expanded via a microSD card with up to 32GB. The built-in battery lasts up to an hour. An active magnetic holder for the windshield or on the dashboard is included. This allows the system to be handled and removed with one hand and one.

The systems differ especially in screen diagonal. The top model Go 6200 has a 154 ppi 6-inch (16 cm) screen. The Go 5200 has a 109 ppi 5 inch (13 cm) screen. Both of these car navigation systems have sim cards that support live updates.

The cheaper Go 520 (5 inch) and Go 620 (6 inch) models need to connect with a smartphone for live traffic jams and flash reports.

The new systems will be in stores in October. You pay 229,95 € for the GO 520, 279,95 € for the GO 620, 329,95 € for the GO 5200 and 379,95 € for the GO 6200.

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Digital Interpreters- Speak languages without learning

Here, in this article ‘Digital Interpreters- speak languages without learning’, I am going to discuss about technological inventions have presented us  digital interpreters. These technologies help us speak languages without learning. Thus,communicating in other languages with people around the world without knowing how to speak them has become easier.


Who does not want to know many languages? Being able to converse in any language would bring several advantages in the professional and cultural field as well as in the personal field. However, resources are limited and learning a language entails a great deal of time, money and effort .  So, given these difficulties,, what can be done? The technology offers different solutions to be able to communicate in other languages. Precisely, there are gadget translators and applications that improve understanding and fluency of different languages.

speak languages without learning

Pilot: the translator headset

This curious device was created by Waverly Labs and developed by crowdfunding campaign . The Pilot kit consists of a wireless headset.  This headset is equipped with a microphone and a speaker that connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The translation done by Pilot is almost simultaneous. So the person may be able to understand languages ​​that he has not learned almost in real time. Because the delay is only two seconds which, the creators of the device hope to reduce further with time.

Initially, the languages ​​available on Pilot are English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese . However, users will be able to pay for translating conversations in additional languages ​​such as German, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic, among others. The launch date of Pilot is planned in autumn and its price will be between $266.69 to $320.51.

Travis: the language-speaking device

It fits in the palm of one hand and is capable of translating 80 languages. This is Travis, a very interesting automatic translator developed by a Dutch start-up . We all want to speak languages without learning them and this device is helping us to a great extent in this regard.

The procedure is quite simple. You just have to pronounce the phrase you want to translate. Travis will pronounce it in the indicated language. It has an online and offline voice recognition. In addition, it can be used for 12 hours in a row, thanks to the autonomy of its battery.

The most curious thing about this proposal is that it is a device that is being improved with its use. This is possible because it is based on machine learning technology , a branch of artificial intelligence that allows machines to learn automatically.

Can you imagine being able to converse with speakers from any country without having to learn the language? Incredibly, this is already a real possibility. You can speak languages ​​with the help of technology.

Smartpen: the pen that translates

But the digital world not only offers translating gadgets , but many more options with which it is easier to learn other languages. One of them is Smartpen, which has the appearance of a pen, but it is much more than that.

The Spanish company Kids SmartPen SL has developed this optical pen capable of interpreting the sounds and phonemes of a language encoded in paper . It is aimed at children , who serve to enhance their language skills. In fact, it is suitable for both pre-school students and older students, such as high school students.

Babbel: speak languages ​​with mobile

The smartphone can also help a lot in language learning through various easy-to-install apps. This is the case of Babbel, an app with learning programs designed by linguists and experts . The most interesting thing is that their lessons do not last more than 15 minutes, which facilitates the reconciliation of work and personal life with the study of languages.

Electronic books to speak languages

Electronic books are becoming more widespread in society, which is slowly changing their reading habits. In addition, in this type of devices not only can enjoy a good novel, but also they are very useful in the learning of languages. Moreover, it does not only have to do with the titles and contents compatible with this format that can be downloaded, but to the own applications of the apparatuses . Also, many e-books have, for example, built-in translators.


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Alojapp application that makes your stay at hotels more comfortable

Alojapp is a Colombian application that seeks to provide a different experience to guests during their hotel stay. This venture, was born in the minds of a group of young Colombians. Now, already has more than 75,000 registered users and an operation in 24 hotels nationwide.

According to Daniel Forero, CEO of Alojapp, part of the services can be enjoyed by guests enrolled in this application. Those are: to register quickly, receive a personalized welcome by means of a text message or email, check the hotel’s meals menu, request services to the room. Moreover, you can find out about the offer of the place where they are with things. Such as recreation and rest areas, among others.

Guests have not been the only beneficiaries with the implementation of this mobile application. According to Forero , hotels have reported increases in different metrics, thanks to the use of Alojapp in their establishments.

The company figures say that a hotel that uses this application grows on average 93%. This happens in terms of satisfaction to its guests, domestic consumption increases by 80% and its reputation on TripAdvisor improves 77%. For Forero, this makes the service an attractive investment for the hotel industry.

What were the issues they identified when designing the application? Forero says that ” the first is the lack of technology in the area of guest service. We are accustomed to request our addresses and transport through applications that are dedicated to this, but we arrive at the hotel and our cell phone does not have a function. ” Continue reading Alojapp application that makes your stay at hotels more comfortable

Mobile applications you had not imagined

A mobile is much more than a cold bright display apparatus. This is our faithful companion in the day that device that never leaves you if your battery begins to threaten us and has to resort to saving mode. It accompanies us through thick and thin. In the event in which they have left us planted and we turn to slide so melancholy thumb Instagram. Also in most intimate moments, which took the library of games, while we sat on something that many call throne?


Besides all this, a mobile phone can serve many more uses and have decided to collect them. After discussing it in writing no doubt these would be the five uses, you could give your smartphone in addition to those already frequent. What’s more, sure you list any of the sounds of something. Continue reading Mobile applications you had not imagined