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Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Hyperdeportivo @ 2 million euros

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the latest model that has been announced for the exclusive club of Hyper sports vehicles. It has been developed by the British brand in collaboration with the designer Adrian Newey and the engineers of the Red Bull team. Therefore, it’s a hybrid car with high competition instincts.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

There are people in the world to whom, the price of their next vehicle do not matter as much as exclusivity. Well, for them Aston Martin has unveiled all the details of his new Valkyrie. It is a car that will go to the market with a price of about two million euros and of which only 150 units are manufactured.

The first thing that draws attention is its sporting aspect, with aerodynamics that derive directly from the Formula One and an impeccable finish. It will have a monocoque chassis made entirely of carbon fiber to reduce the resistance and maximize the maximum speed, as well as a pack of light batteries signed by RIMAC, achieving a weight of just 1,030 kg.

As for its interior, Aston Martin Valkyrie will have a power of around 1,145 HP, of which 1,000 CV are to be in charge of its 6.5-liter atmospheric fast-spinning V12 engine. The rest of the power will be in charge of the electric motor that will supplement the main.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

It also draws the attention that the car has sacrificed the rear view mirrors, which are replaced by a system of rear cameras. The doors open up to try to enter a spectacular cockpit that reminds us that it is a model with a soul of Formula One.

The two-seater cockpit features its completely minimalist finish, featuring a central screen and a rectangular steering wheel with a very sporty design and full of control buttons. Their seats look great, they are anchored to the ground and have two configurations for seat belts: A four-point series harness or six anchor points.

In fact it is a fully customizable car, where you will be able to choose the materials of the seats, the instrument panel, the ceiling or the cladding. You can also choose the finishes and reflectivity of the bodywork panels, the colors and the wheel covers.

The design team of the car has taken care to the position in which you feel, which is a racing position in which you are above your hips. In fact, personalization is carried out to the extreme that from the British mark ensure that the size of the cockpit will be adapted to the measures of its buyer.

Exclusivity up to the number of units:

The car is so exclusive that although you can afford to pay the two million euros it will cost you have many chances to stay without it, because as we said only 150 units will be produced. They will also manufacture another 25 additional unapproved for circuit only, and equipped with a more extreme aerodynamic package and an even more concise weight.

According to the project managers, once you configure your car you will be given a scale model 1 to 18 with the colors you have chosen. And with this you will have to make up a season, because it is expected that the first personalized models of this car are not delivered to their owners until the next 2019.

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The ultimate future on wheels: changes that will lead to the arrival of the autonomous vehicle

Technology is changing the way we relate to other people and our environment and much more, but this time we will focus on the automotive sector. The autonomous vehicle has driven an innovation process that goes far beyond technological evolution and will directly affect the territory and society. The consequences of its implementation, says a study carried out by the ThinkHub Foundation of the Pathways,are as promising as uncertain, as there are key questions such as “the incidence of the autonomous vehicle in the consumption of energy, employment and land use, and such as how people will take up the change and at what speed the transition will take place.”

Apart from these issues, what is clear is that important changes are taking place that should not be ignored. “The better prepared you are, the better you can tackle the challenges and take advantage of opportunities, both in your own mobility and the negative effects of the current transport model, accelerating, for example, its mandatory decarbonization. The automotive vehicle opens up numerous opportunities for civil engineering – especially in terms of the equipping of communication routes and the planning and coordination of mobility – with implications for the transport of people and goods, cities and territory, road safety, the labor market, energy consumption and regulation,” the report explains. Continue reading The ultimate future on wheels: changes that will lead to the arrival of the autonomous vehicle

In future, the electric car is cheaper per kilometer

In seven years, the electric car is cheaper than a car in which petrol or diesel must be used. Also, by 2035 only electric cars will be available in the market . So, the cars with classic combustion engines will disappear from the street scene. This is what ING’s economic research firm predicts about the advance of the electric car.

“The development of batteries for those cars is now very fast,” says economist Max Erich of ING. “They get a lot cheaper and you can drive longer. This is very important for the consumer if he is able to purchase an electric car. At an action range of 400 to 500 kilometers and more, it becomes interesting and that is really coming true now.”

electric car is cheaper
the electric car is cheaper per kilometer

Trendsetter Tesla took the first cars of his new model 3 last week.  This is a cheaper variant, but it is still expected to cost between 30,000 and 35,000 euros. Also Opel advertised the Opel Ampera-E as affordable electric car, but it still costs more than 40,000 euros. 

Purchase price

“At the purchase price, electric cars can not compete for the moment,” says ING economist Erich. “But when it comes to cost-per-kilometer, electric cars are cheaper than petrol or diesel cars from 2024. This calculation includes depreciation, charging, maintenance and repairs.”So,comparing the purchase price electric car is not cheaper but in terms of cost per/km electric car is cheaper than the rest.

The basic advantage of such technology is, electric car is cheaper per kilometer. According to ING, the cost per kilometer is becoming increasingly important. “Because we expect more and more people to lease, as private as well, and together, car sharing seems to be getting more popular, and then the purchase price is less interesting. We think Europe’s sales are fully electric around 2035.”


Since the previous week, the pioneer has rolled out the first Tesla Model 3 tires, which will soon be delivered to the first American customers. Cost about 31,000 euros. Covers 350 km on a full battery.


With the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe, two cars on the market that allow you to drive 200 to 300 kilometers with full battery. In September, the new Leaf comes with a larger range. Nissan is already well-wired without cable.


Want to make all new models only in electric or semi-electrical versions since 2019. Continue reading In future, the electric car is cheaper per kilometer