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Install 3TB RAM!! on HP Z8 workstations


Go, get it now and install 3TB RAM!! on new HP Z8 and exploit the beast of a machine for your photo and video editing. HP just launched a new series  of desktop workstations for you. It is the latest Z Workstations can be upgraded with mind-boggling hardware specs. The top-of-the-line model is the Z8, followed by the Z6 and Z4.

A conventional PC or laptop usually has 4, 8 or 16 GB of RAM installed. Which means, the quantities have been increasing slowly but inexorably.  But this is a section in which it is rare to need more than 32 GB that mount some more demanding users.


That amount, however, is small when we talk about the powerful HP Z8 workstations , which has an option to install up to 3TB RAM. We do not talk about gigabytes, we do not: now we talk about terabytes. Who can need such a monster?

If you want memory, take memory (and pay)

In HP they are clear about the machine. That is, those who work with 3D analysis, simulations of all kinds or with 8K video editing will surely receive with open arms a machine of this capacity. Which includes 24 memory slots is able to reach those 3 TB.

That brutal configuration is completed with two Intel Xeon processors with up to 56 process cores , up to 48TB of storage and up to three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics. The power supply, of course, is also monstrous, and offers 1,700 W of electrical power.

For storage, the Z8 version can be upgraded with up to 48 terabytes of space. If you, in case, would like to treasure your entire lifetime of photos close at hand on your workstation.

Other attributes include Thunderbolt 3 (optional), Dual 1GbE Ports for high bandwidth data transfer, USB 3.1 Type C ports, a unique internal design with improved air flow for cooling off the heat, a 1700W power supply, and 9 PCIe slots.

These teams start from modest base configurations with prices ranging from $ 2,439,  from the start to the several tens of thousands of dollars of the most expensive models. Those base models will arrive in October.

Not even HP is able to indicate how much the HP Z8 can cost with 3TB RAM. But if you were in a hurry to make them with that configuration you will have to be patient. Because, those specific models will not arrive until the first half of 2018 .

There are less stratospheric options. Fortunately, the HP Z6 can reach “only” 384 GB of memory , while the Z4 are limited to 256 GB and a single Xeon processor. That, of course, affects their prices, which are $ 1,919 and $ 1,249 respectively.

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Alojapp application that makes your stay at hotels more comfortable

Alojapp is a Colombian application that seeks to provide a different experience to guests during their hotel stay. This venture, was born in the minds of a group of young Colombians. Now, already has more than 75,000 registered users and an operation in 24 hotels nationwide.

According to Daniel Forero, CEO of Alojapp, part of the services can be enjoyed by guests enrolled in this application. Those are: to register quickly, receive a personalized welcome by means of a text message or email, check the hotel’s meals menu, request services to the room. Moreover, you can find out about the offer of the place where they are with things. Such as recreation and rest areas, among others.

Guests have not been the only beneficiaries with the implementation of this mobile application. According to Forero , hotels have reported increases in different metrics, thanks to the use of Alojapp in their establishments.

The company figures say that a hotel that uses this application grows on average 93%. This happens in terms of satisfaction to its guests, domestic consumption increases by 80% and its reputation on TripAdvisor improves 77%. For Forero, this makes the service an attractive investment for the hotel industry.

What were the issues they identified when designing the application? Forero says that ” the first is the lack of technology in the area of guest service. We are accustomed to request our addresses and transport through applications that are dedicated to this, but we arrive at the hotel and our cell phone does not have a function. ” Continue reading Alojapp application that makes your stay at hotels more comfortable

Artificial Intelligence – A Future of Exponential Growth

In the recent future, the advancement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence should occur exponentially, with a similar impact to the Internet and mobile computing.

The Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is the combination of techniques and algorithms that are intended to create machines that share the same capabilities as human beings, as logical reasoning, presentation of knowledge, planning, natural language processing, perception and intelligence.

Siri, Apple’s social network Pinterest and photos of Google, are examples of applications that already use Artificial Intelligence.

In the coming years, the adoption of this technology should happen exponentially, whether for personal or business use, having a similar impact to the Internet and mobile computing.

“Just as the Internet has revolutionized many industries, we believe that Artificial Intelligence will transform the way many companies operate, in addition to the impacts it will bring on various aspects of our personal lives. Possibly we will not see a single application or process that does not take advantage of this technology, making it probably the biggest technological revolution today, “says Vicente Goetten, director of TOTVS Labs.

The following are eight practical applications of technology in different market segments: Continue reading Artificial Intelligence – A Future of Exponential Growth

The use of the 3D printer is unanimous


What was heavily underexposed in the hoist around the home-printed gun, is the use of  the 3D printer on almost all areas that do not have weapons.

Now that a functional weapon has been created using a 3D printer for the first time. So, everyone seems to be concerned about criminal applications of this technology. However, the power of three-dimensional printing in other areas is much less waking.

use of the 3D Printer

It was like world news, In USA, law student and gun fan Cody Wilson managed to manufacture a fully functional gun using the power of the 3D printer negatively. When he threw the source files on the internet, the fence was completely from the dam. From now on, anyone with some computer knowledge and access to a 3D printer from home from his own weapon factory could begin.

The news led to distressed comments in the newspapers and on the Internet. Afterwards, those same newspapers tried to make us feel comfortable.

The conventional law in any civilized country prohibits the “manufacture of prohibited weapons”  without prior authorization. But the argument that still remains infinitely much easier to get weapons in the black circuit for the time being was still safe. Discussion closed and on to something else, it seemed.

However, what was heavily underexposed in the hoist around the home-printed gun, is the power of the 3D printer. Which is almost on all areas that do not have weapons.

3D in the living room

Three-dimensional printing may have been used for almost thirty years in industry, yet the application in other areas still sounds like future music in the ears for many people. However, the question is not whether we will soon have access to the design and printing of our own objects. But when technology will truly break into the living room.

It all sounds very appealing. For example, if your washing machine filters the mind, just browse the manufacturer’s website to download the matching 3D model. Then print a new filter. That seems to be a great idea in a way that the consumer can only benefit from. Nevertheless, in practice, an important issue arises soon: the copyright.

Unique element

In the Benelux, anyone who wishes to have a three-dimensional design can register under the so-called model of designs. A prerequisite for this is that it is about a new product. For example, if anyone tries to patent the wheel, it will most probably take bone. The boundary of what may or may not, however, is difficult to draw. If you measure yourself the broken table leg of your IKEA side table, imitate a 3D program and print it yourself, you are in your right. That’s exactly the same as someone who buys a wooden bar from the hardware shop and then drops to the right length. It is only when an object contains a unique element, that there may be intellectual property.

However, it will soon become much easier to copy unique, complex objects themselves. The question then is whether it would be useful to protect them. For example, in the fashion industry, there is only exclusivity on the brand logo, not on the design of the item itself. Nevertheless, the fashion houses do not suffer so much while copying their pieces. It is the buyer to do the originality. This view could also cut wood in the model right.

The use of the 3D printer for creating weapons will not change the world. A restriction to criminal applications would harm the technology. All other conceivable objects may, however, make a difference.

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solar energy ‘surpasses all forecasts and expectations’


Solar energy ‘continues to surpass all forecasts and expectations. It stands at 6 cents kilowatt-hour. In 2011, the US Department of Energy launched the SunShot Initiative, which sought to drastically reduce photo voltaic energy prices by 2020. This week, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has confirmed that 85 % of 2020 targets . Among them the most important is the ‘price’.


Today, in Kansas City (the place that is taken as the average reference in the United States because it has the average number of hours of sunlight in the country) kilowatt-hour has been placed at 6 cents. Therefore, without government subsidies that reduce the cost of the panels even more. In fact, this figure was calculated taking into account real cases and market prices .



Photovoltaic Energy

solar energy

The Photo voltaic energy is the natural resource that, through the application of technology, can be exploited industrially. The term also refers to the ability to transform or put something into motion.

It is known as photo voltaic energy. Therefore, the type of electricity (electric energy) that is obtained directly from the rays of the sun or solar energy. Thanks to the quantum photo-detection of a device. The photo voltaic energy allows to produce electricity for distribution networks, to supply isolated houses and to feed all type of apparatuses.



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