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‘Clash Royale’ releases the new version

The wait has come to an end. The update of ‘Clash Royale’ is now available and with it probably the biggest change has been brought to the game since its release. New game modes, daily quests and a good face-lift on how the ‘Clash Royale’ day-to-day operation works.

As if the jump from a beta to a final version was, Supercell has taken good note of everything that players have been claiming during the last year. They wanted a new version that is even more focused on spending as much time as possible in front of the game.

Clash Royale

Supercell wants us to play more and better

‘Clash Royale’ already kept in its gut some of the best tricks to keep users that the era of mobile games has given. Not only did you have a huge collection of cards to unlock, it also invited you to enter the application every few hours to unlock chests with which to get more prizes.

The problem is that, at a certain point, the average user could get tired of that grind by entering two or three times a day. Repeatedly, unlocking a chest, winning some game to win another. Also, keeping that vicious circle for months while you were trying climb positions that open the doors to more coffers and the wheel does not stop turning.

The clans, and the need to stay in the group that nourishes you with special coffers, experience, coins and cards, made the game more accentuated on weekends. But once the Clan Chest is over, nothing would invite you to keep playing at the same pace the rest of the week.

Clash Royale: Epic Missions

That comes into play that is probably the most significant change in this update, the missions. Gather mission points by completing goals and get chests and increasingly juicy prizes. Stop playing and you will be missing out on the chance to level up that card that could change your luck at the finish line.

The play, both at the level of design and maintenance of users, is round. The idea is to keep logging in and spend more time in the application. This will happen either by gathering crowns at a special event, winning battles or playing with specific cards that will force you to change your usual strategy.

Once the mission is finished , or the casket to which you aspired is passed , another new target will take its place. Thus, giving you more reasons to continue playing without having the feeling of being stagnant. If before a chest had four hours to unlock, the only thing that invited you to continue playing was the fun or the intention to climb positions based on getting crowns. But now you have many more things to do, also with other game modes .

The new Touchdown mode

Clash Royale

The most stirring has been Touchdown , a twist to the concept of ‘Clash Royale’ in which the towers and the central river give way to a football field. In it, we must get score three points leading our troops to the goal line of the opponent, while avoiding that our opponent is the one that reaches ours.

To say that it is fun is to stay slightly short, and is that the vice that can provoke is hallucinating. When playing in a team , the rapport with your partner is vital. So, you should always go looking for holes that the enemy could leave while trying not to lose sight of the possibility of support to your ally’s troops.

As everything that is used in excess is burned with the same ease, Supercell has decided to leave these type of challenges under a window of time yet to be determined. This is why we are forced to be attentive when these game modes begin. So, we can be able to enjoy them while they are active.

New challenges for new players

With the arrival of this new challenge, the creators of ‘Clash Royale’ have put into practice another novelty, a daily practice in which we must accumulate 10 crowns to receive different prizes.

The change is that, unlike the other challenges, in these practices there is no room for defeat. No matter how many times we lose, we can continue playing until we get our prize.

The thing has trick because the prizes are not especially juicy, but it is appreciated that they have opened a door more grateful enough with the players who do not dominate the game to 100%. Thinking about them, the normal challenges will be cheaper, require fewer wins and will be available from level 5 .

The round of developments in this aspect ends with the Mirror challenge. It’s a mode yet to be revealed in which the four participants of a 2c2 will have the same deck, thus control the balance when facing other players.

In addition, if our partner is the good, at the end of the game we will have the opportunity to talk to him via chat or claim a rematch.

A shop less focused on getting us money

The last big change of ‘Clash Royale’ comes from the store . If we used to have three daily cards available to buy, now the holes go up to six. Thus, giving us more options when choosing where we want to spend our precious coins.

The most curious is that, among them, we will be given the opportunity to purchase a free prize per day, which can be from coffers to bags of coins or gems.

It is not the only offer that will be available, and is that now the cards of the store can be sold separately or in packs, thus obtaining a large number of cards for much more attractive prices than before, and also giving the option to acquire one of those packs with gems of the game.

It will not come cheap, but we are grateful that they have changed a system with which it was practically impossible to improve your short-term mazosa. Now we depend on luck to get the letter we want in the store, but we do not need to be saving weeks to get the one we need.

Not only that, the mythical epic Sundays will also usher in an epic card completely free, which will surely invite novice players to continue dedicating hours to the game despite not having their collection in full.

Clash Royale has come to stay

Supercell’s message with this update is very clear. ‘Clash Royale’ has come to stay, and for this it takes certain sacrifices on the part of his company, being the main one of them that inevitably forces its creators to be less greedy. The user receives more prizes and, as a reward, stays more hooked to the game.

Let ‘Clash Royale’ jump from mobile to other formats. Be on everyone’s lips thanks to their eSport competitions, and let people talk about the game and move their content on social networks with options like sharing our decks. In short, that ‘Clash Royale’ ends up being more than that game you have in your pocket to occupy dead times. Let it end up being the revolution that has been shouting since it hit the market.

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Review of PS4 Pro

Sony’s famous flagship gaming console the PlayStation has been popular throughout the years. The first ever PlayStation was launched by Sony in 1994. A series of consoles followed with the PlayStation 2 and 3. The most advanced and powerful PlayStation, the PS4 was launched in 2014 and had dominated the gaming and console market ever since. Recently Sony released an updated version of the PS4 called the PS4 Pro. In this article we shall review the PS4 Pro in detail.

An interesting update

The PlayStation 4 Pro is an update to the previous PlayStation 4. The new console is pretty much same to the PS4 except that it supports 4k video output and HDR. The PS4 Pro also has an updated graphics card. The specs of the PlayStation 4 Pro are
• Jaguar X86-64 AMD processor with 8 cores
• AMD Radeon 4.20 Teraflops graphics engine with 8Gb DDR5 memory
• 1 Tb storage capacity
• Supports 4k and HDR

PS4 Pro

This new Ps4 Pro allows you to play games seamlessly with an 8 core processor which is fast enough for any current modern games. The graphics card by AMD renders beautiful images and keeps the frame rate pretty stable. You get to play games in 4k resolutions and it supports HDR in certain games only. Of course, to fully utilize the PS4 Pro you would be needing a 4k TV, but it is faster than its predecessor the PS4. The 1 tb storage capacity allows you to store a wide number of games and media on your PS4 Pro. It offers you integration with the PS VR headset and also has functionalities for the PlayStation camera. Continue reading Review of PS4 Pro

The effects of video games on the brain

The effects of video games on our health and behavior have been studied for years. Some researchers indicate that this type of activity improves short-term visual memory and coordination between sight and hands. But there are those who are looking for negative consequences of this activity.

A group of researchers from the University of Montreal and McGill University in Canada have published a study in which they have come to a curious conclusion about it. It says , playing action games like Call of Duty reduces the amount of gray matter in your hippo campus , while playing Super Mario type games makes that amount of gray matter grow. But the twist is, there is no danger in either one or another case.effects of video games

In this article  I am going to discuss about the negative and positive   effects of video games on our psychological health:

Less gray matter in the hippo campus

Researchers first studied the brain of 33 regular players who spent 19 hours a week playing action-type games like Call of Duty. Then they asked other 43 people to invest 90 hours for 10 weeks for playing both action and  games like Super Mario in a controlled testing environment.

After these tests they carried out the study by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and discovered that those who played those 19 hours a week average had less gray matter in the hippo campus than those who did not play video games.effects of video gamesAfter the tests with the second test confirmed these signs. But also those who played video games like Super Mario ended up gaining gray matter in their hippo campus.

Don’t let the alarms skip, the thing is not so much

Simone Kuhn, professor of neuronal plasticity at the Hamburg-Eppendorf Clinical University in Germany, said that these players should not worry: “I would never interpret these discoveries as a critical warning against action games.”

One of the reasons could be the designs of those action games. That is, the presence of the traditional over impressed maps on screen makes players not have to use their hippo campus memory system to navigate those maps.

For this expert, in these games the caudate nucleus  is used instead of the hippo campus. Caudate nucleus is part of the system of rewards of the brain: “It is as if your brain worked on autopilot,” he explained.

Those responsible for the study, indicated that if they had to recommend a type of video games to someone “would be one of 3d platforms or a game of logical puzzles.” “There is clear evidence that these games can be beneficial to the brain.”

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FIFA 18 Vs PES 18- frontal clash begun

FIFA 18 Vs PES 18 : one of the biggest controversy for the game lovers this year. The football match between the sagas of EA Sports and Konami started last September 12 through a frontal clash between both companies: on the one hand the launch of ‘PES 2018 ‘ two days ahead of schedule, for another’ FIFA 18 ‘advanced its demo three days.

As we have said on more than one occasion, both games are based on experiences that are somewhat complementary: ‘PES’ knows how to make better individual or passer-by performance and ‘FIFA’ allows for better ball dominance and strategies team up. But we are not going to fool ourselves.  At the end of the day, visual section is an added plus that weighs, like it or not.

FIFA 18 Vs PES 18
FIFA 18 Vs PES 18

The comparison of Candyland is a perfect example of how each game unfolds. Although the animations of ‘FIFA 18’ are more energetic and the stadiums are much more alive. But, it is also necessary to recognize that the faces have been scanned of the players in ‘PES 2018’ are simply spectacular.

With the final version of one and the playable advancement of the other ahead, in VidaExtra we want to contrast the technical section of both games. Also, both Konami and EA have had a year ahead to surprise us. Moreover,the engines FOX and Frostbite give a lot of game.

Two factors that are still better reflected in the benchmark of the analyst of Bits. Thanks to its more detailed plans of the players and the comparison of repetitions in slow motion.

On the other hand, RajmanGaming HD focuses on is facial appearance of the Real Madrid squad. A team that will be present in ‘PES 2018’ but will not have the name, shield or official equipment.  Because, it reflects the work of Konami with unlicensed clubs and media presence . That yes, in this case, ‘FIFA 18’ wins the game.

At the time of playing and taking into account that in both titles we can adjust the angle of the camera. We will see how EA fulfills its promise to offer much more lively fields. Both the stands and the grass are closer to what we expect to see in this generation and the players are subtly more defined.

It should be noted that it is not possible to adjust the chronological conditions in the ‘FIFA 18’ demo. But the stands or perspective from within are very different between the two proposals. Continue reading FIFA 18 Vs PES 18- frontal clash begun