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The Mars colony! a dream or reality?

With a new and huge rocket and conducting before tests with voyages between different points of the Earth, Elon Musk wants to reach and start building the Mars colony from 2022. As he explained at the end of last month, SpaceX’s current goal is to build a colony on the red Planet. Not everyone believes it, but recently has given more details on how they expect to get it and how that colony will be like. Mars colony

During the past weekend Elon Musk performed a AMA on Reddit, for those who are not aware, AMA is the abbreviation of Ask me anything, and usually people of interest make one for users to ask anything. Among all the questions that were made Elon Musk, there are a few interesting details that reveal what will be the colony on Mars that plans for 2022.

Facts about settling in Mars colony :

It seems that to SpaceX to get to Mars is the least of the problems, the real challenge is to install the colony on the Red Planet. That yes, not anywhere, because the location of the colony will be determined by a number of factors.

According to Elon Musk, the site they choose should be at a low altitude, in order to maximize the aerodynamic braking. On the other hand, it is important to be near an area with ice for the production of propulsion for rockets. He also commented that some place near the equator of the planet will be ideal for solar panels. Either way, the company hasn’t given the right place yet.

Self-sufficient, but with the help of other companies:

As we already knew, the idea of SpaceX is to establish a colony on Mars that is self-sufficient. To this end, Elon Musk explained that they are designing the ISRU system (use of in-situ resources) with which to collect materials for the propellers on Mars. The funny thing here was a user’s question about whether he will take any of the machines he has developed here on Earth, such as the bulldozer used by the ‘Boring Company’. The CEO of SpaceX answered with a simple “how boring!”, each one can interpret it as he pleases.Mars colonyHow will they solve problems where SpaceX is not involved, such as food production? Elon Musk did not answer directly to that but he dropped that he will need the help of other companies to carry out the mission.

The goal is to take you there and ensure the basic infrastructure for the production of propellants and survival in place.The colony/ industry would need to be built on Mars by many other companies and millions of people.

Will Mars have its own Internet?

The problems in the Mars do not always have to do with the food or the transport. The concern is how the residents will communicate with the people of the earth and if there were plans to make some type of Internet there on Mars? Elon’s response was very much his style:

If someone wants to build a communication channel with a great bandwidth to Mars, please do so.

It should be taken into account that the distance between Earth and Mars is 22 minutes at the speed of light at its maximum separation distance and 3 minutes in the minimum distance. Reducing that time between message sending and receiving is practically impossible.

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Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Hyperdeportivo @ 2 million euros

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the latest model that has been announced for the exclusive club of Hyper sports vehicles. It has been developed by the British brand in collaboration with the designer Adrian Newey and the engineers of the Red Bull team. Therefore, it’s a hybrid car with high competition instincts.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

There are people in the world to whom, the price of their next vehicle do not matter as much as exclusivity. Well, for them Aston Martin has unveiled all the details of his new Valkyrie. It is a car that will go to the market with a price of about two million euros and of which only 150 units are manufactured.

The first thing that draws attention is its sporting aspect, with aerodynamics that derive directly from the Formula One and an impeccable finish. It will have a monocoque chassis made entirely of carbon fiber to reduce the resistance and maximize the maximum speed, as well as a pack of light batteries signed by RIMAC, achieving a weight of just 1,030 kg.

As for its interior, Aston Martin Valkyrie will have a power of around 1,145 HP, of which 1,000 CV are to be in charge of its 6.5-liter atmospheric fast-spinning V12 engine. The rest of the power will be in charge of the electric motor that will supplement the main.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

It also draws the attention that the car has sacrificed the rear view mirrors, which are replaced by a system of rear cameras. The doors open up to try to enter a spectacular cockpit that reminds us that it is a model with a soul of Formula One.

The two-seater cockpit features its completely minimalist finish, featuring a central screen and a rectangular steering wheel with a very sporty design and full of control buttons. Their seats look great, they are anchored to the ground and have two configurations for seat belts: A four-point series harness or six anchor points.

In fact it is a fully customizable car, where you will be able to choose the materials of the seats, the instrument panel, the ceiling or the cladding. You can also choose the finishes and reflectivity of the bodywork panels, the colors and the wheel covers.

The design team of the car has taken care to the position in which you feel, which is a racing position in which you are above your hips. In fact, personalization is carried out to the extreme that from the British mark ensure that the size of the cockpit will be adapted to the measures of its buyer.

Exclusivity up to the number of units:

The car is so exclusive that although you can afford to pay the two million euros it will cost you have many chances to stay without it, because as we said only 150 units will be produced. They will also manufacture another 25 additional unapproved for circuit only, and equipped with a more extreme aerodynamic package and an even more concise weight.

According to the project managers, once you configure your car you will be given a scale model 1 to 18 with the colors you have chosen. And with this you will have to make up a season, because it is expected that the first personalized models of this car are not delivered to their owners until the next 2019.

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P2P downloads hardly affect sales, according to a report that the EU paid but not published

‘ P2P downloads hardly affect sales ‘- is this statement true? For the last few years the entertainment industry worldwide was continuously accusing  the P2P sites to have their sales  reduced remarkably.

In response to that we have seen some strict actions from the law enforcement agencies too. Finally, the European Commission spent 360,000 euros on a report to find out how it affected the music, books, movies and video games industries. But after spending that money they decided not to make it known . Because, possibly  the results they were throwing were not what they expected.

But finally the report has come to light, thanks to Julia Reda . A member of the German Pirate Party. It concludes that P2P downloads are not really a problem for sales of copyrighted content. Rather, in some cases like video games, downloads called illegal downloads often affect positively.P2P downloadsIn May 2015, the European Commission commissioned Dutch firm Ecory. Ecory was responsible to measure the impact of P2P downloads for several months. This research has resulted in a report of 304 page. Now, if the report has finally come to light that is because the Euro-parliamentary Julia Reda published it on personal blog .

“Overall, the results do not show strong statistical evidence of sales turnover for online copyright infringement,” the report concludes. “That does not necessarily mean that piracy has no effect. But only that statistical analysis does not prove reliably enough that there is an effect.”

Most surprising of all is, one of the latest findings points to an important fact. That is, the more you download a person the less impact you have on the industry . This, according to those responsible for the study, could explain why downloads have less and less impact on legal sales of copyrighted content. People just get more and more.

The Conclusion of the Report

The report requested by Europe begins by saying that in 2014, 51% of adults and 72% of European minors had illegally downloaded or reproduced creative content,  Comparing to the other four European countries , Poland and Spain got  “the highest piracy rates”.

The findings with respect to the total effects of online copyright infringement on legal transactions are found in section 7.7 of the report. It says that the only thing that stands out is the section of films and series . This indicates , simply that copyright infringements “are much more likely to have negative effects than positive.”

The worst part is taken by the large movietigraphic blockbusters, which have a displacement rate of 40%. This means that  four films are taken less legally.for every 10 films that are consumed in violation of copyright,

As far as the music industry is concerned, the movement rate estimated by the studio is zero. They say in the report that the movement of physical sales is offset by the positive effect on live concerts of streaming that violate copyright. Come on, P2P music downloads encourage people to go to the concerts of listening artists according to this report.
In the world of video games the effects of downloads that violate copyright is positive according to the report. Since free games are only affected by downloads. In fact, including free games, for every 100 online copyright infringements you get 24 extra legal transactions .

According to the study, may be due to the fact that players end up hooked to games that are download through P2P networks. Also, willing to pay for that game in exchange for having extra levels or bonuses . It seems like the format to offer downloadable content with the official copies of the games is working.

Those responsible for the report warn that the margins of error in their results are quite large due to the difficulty of obtaining data. But that go in the same direction of other studies that have also indicated that the impact of the downloads is minimal in the purchases of original material. What’s more, the more you download a person the less it affects the official sales.

“For the sub sample of respondents with large volumes of pirated content (more than 20 CDs, movies, books or games) it is estimated that the rates of displacement are zero, ” says the study. “And for the sub sample of respondents with smaller numbers the rates of displacement are generally larger and less insignificant.”

And this is precisely the relationship, by those responsible for the study believe that the impact of discharges is lower than in previous studies carried out by other companies. The reason why travel rates seem to have declined in recent years. This is simply because people are downloading more and more.

The study also has other interesting points. Such as, how much users are willing to pay for their legal content. Also, which are the details of the impact of the downloads in each of the sections. As we say the study has been discarded by Europe. But its results are certainly interesting for the debate around the impact of the downloads.

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Install 3TB RAM!! on HP Z8 workstations


Go, get it now and install 3TB RAM!! on new HP Z8 and exploit the beast of a machine for your photo and video editing. HP just launched a new series  of desktop workstations for you. It is the latest Z Workstations can be upgraded with mind-boggling hardware specs. The top-of-the-line model is the Z8, followed by the Z6 and Z4.

A conventional PC or laptop usually has 4, 8 or 16 GB of RAM installed. Which means, the quantities have been increasing slowly but inexorably.  But this is a section in which it is rare to need more than 32 GB that mount some more demanding users.


That amount, however, is small when we talk about the powerful HP Z8 workstations , which has an option to install up to 3TB RAM. We do not talk about gigabytes, we do not: now we talk about terabytes. Who can need such a monster?

If you want memory, take memory (and pay)

In HP they are clear about the machine. That is, those who work with 3D analysis, simulations of all kinds or with 8K video editing will surely receive with open arms a machine of this capacity. Which includes 24 memory slots is able to reach those 3 TB.

That brutal configuration is completed with two Intel Xeon processors with up to 56 process cores , up to 48TB of storage and up to three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics. The power supply, of course, is also monstrous, and offers 1,700 W of electrical power.

For storage, the Z8 version can be upgraded with up to 48 terabytes of space. If you, in case, would like to treasure your entire lifetime of photos close at hand on your workstation.

Other attributes include Thunderbolt 3 (optional), Dual 1GbE Ports for high bandwidth data transfer, USB 3.1 Type C ports, a unique internal design with improved air flow for cooling off the heat, a 1700W power supply, and 9 PCIe slots.

These teams start from modest base configurations with prices ranging from $ 2,439,  from the start to the several tens of thousands of dollars of the most expensive models. Those base models will arrive in October.

Not even HP is able to indicate how much the HP Z8 can cost with 3TB RAM. But if you were in a hurry to make them with that configuration you will have to be patient. Because, those specific models will not arrive until the first half of 2018 .

There are less stratospheric options. Fortunately, the HP Z6 can reach “only” 384 GB of memory , while the Z4 are limited to 256 GB and a single Xeon processor. That, of course, affects their prices, which are $ 1,919 and $ 1,249 respectively.

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Apple launches iphone x on it’s 10th anniversary

Apple launches iphone x on it’s 10 th anniversary. This latest edition of Apple  includes the most sophisticated technologies. These are: larger size, screen covering almost the entire front of the device and facial recognition as the main unlocking method.

“There is one more thing.” In the world of technology the phrase is a kind of icon and that’s why, while Tim Cook pronounced it this Tuesday in the auditorium Steve Jobs, in the new campus of Apple, the public applauded and shouted. Pure emotion.

“These are words that we do not take lightly and it seems only logical that, 10 years after the first iPhone, we reveal here a product that will mark the way of technology for the next decade.”

iphone x

Cook’s words preceded the introduction of the iPhone X, which, as rumored, comes with a 5.8-inch OLED screen that covers almost the entire front of the computer, unfolding from edge to edge in the device.

This is the most serious design modification that the iPhone has had since the passage between iPhone 5S and 6, maybe. It is not only a transformation of form, but also of substance.

The new device, despite having a larger screen (with a resolution of 2436 X 1125 pixels and a density of 458 pixels per inch), feels and looks smaller than an iPhone 7 Plus. It isthe largest model on the market. This is a small feat that, being fair, is already present in other competitors, but that is still impressive.

Facial recognition in Apple X

The big implication of change in design is that there is no home button, neither physical nor virtual. The unlocking of the equipment will be with facial recognition, a technology that is already present in other devices, but does not quite work well in several competitors of the brand. Apple calls it Face ID.

iphone x

Apples proposal here is integrating three simultaneous methods for measurement and scanning to different things. First, that it works, it’s unlocked when the person looks at the screen and now. Second, you can’t pretend to be someone else with a mask.

No joke, the company tested the system with masks of the same person and says, the possibility of preemploying a user is close to impossible. So, to circumvent the security of facial recognition system, is one in a million.

Recognition of the face uses a measurement of the face environment. An infrared scan of the person’s functions and the projection of 30,000 infrared points on the face is measured. It also calculates the functions of one’s face, even in the dark. According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s global vice President marketing, all this data is in real time analyzed by a system that can perform 600,000 million operations per second. This technology is powered by the new processor of the equipment. It’s called Bionic A11, of six cores and with architecture of 64 bits.

During the initial tests in a room that is linked to the auditorium, the system works very well. Even if we do not look at the device in perfect alignment to the screen. The upper part of the camera integrates, in a small strip, the front camera for photography, besides all systems for facial recognition.

Payments via Face ID

Apple’s belief in this method is such that the phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, on one side. But on the other hand, it’s also the way to authenticate payments via Apple Pay. Perform the con tactless system brand operations.

“What does humanity do when there is such powerful technology in its hands?” Craig Federighi, vice president of software Engineering, asked for the presentation during Tuesday. The answer, on the misfortune or fortune of thousands, is emoji, or animoji to be exact.

Emoji in Apple X

The company introduces a kind of animated emoji that ensures that the reading of a person’s gestures includes it in the face of a unicorn, a fox, a stranger. Think of it this way, as Snapchat filters are used that allow a crown to be projected on someone’s head, Apple’s Animoji perform the reverse process. They take their gestures, their faces, and bring this into the digital disguise of an emoji that mimics what you do and say.

Animoji in Apple X

The demonstration, then it becomes banal for some, is still impressive. Facial recognition that really works. In real-time is read, for the case of Animoji, more than 50 muscles and translates them into digital animation instantly. It’s not a small thing.

Video games in Apple X

Team Apple is celebrating 10 years with IPhone X and the applications of this technology will begin with the houses of video games. Which is not bad, if you consider that some of the most interesting developments are actually augmented and the virtual reality come from this industry. For example, from then on, it will depend on a kind of beneficial cycle between the willingness of developers to build applications that use face recognition and a critical mass of users who have the new IPhone X.

Price of Apple X

This point is perhaps the weakest side of Tuesday’s announcement: The new handset enters with a pretty impressive import price (or disappointing, depending on its economic potential): $999 for the entry-level model, with 64GB internal Storage.

In addition to this, the company introduced two new phones, IPhone 8 and 8 plus, which are essentially internal enhancements to the same design of its predecessors, 7 and 7 plus. That is, instead of adding a S to Apple’s classic upgrade cycle, new names for hardware changes (especially a new processor, the same as the IPhone X, which in this case delivers up to 70% higher performance than the previous one).

The price of the IPhone 8 starts at US $699 and the 8 Plus is $799. Both models are available from September 22nd and come in two configurations, 64GB and 256GB. The next version of the mobile operating system of these phones, IOS 11, will be published on September 19.

Extra features in Apple x

Both these models, like the IPhone X, can now be loaded without cables, under the Qi standard. This is a characteristic gift, for some time, in phones of other brands. What Apple suggests here, for next year, is a device called Air Power. It is a wireless charging station in which the Apple Watch, an iPhone and the airpods can be loaded at the same time.

Also the Apple Watch also got a major update: Mobile connection, which allows it to function more independently of the IPhone. In short, you can receive messages and conversations on the clock without the need to close the phone.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has become an important product line for the company and, according to Cook, is the most popular watch in the world. It has experienced a growth of 50% in the second quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year.

The series 3 of this device has the same size as the previous one (the largest external change was the increase 2.5 millimeters in the thickness of the glass of the screen). That in itself is a small technical tour for connectivity Mobile tool for adding antennas and signal amplifiers, among other elements. The screen works here as the antenna for this type of communication, allowing the space in the interior to maximize.

This device has a new processor, with 70% better performance in terms of speed, as well as a new communication chip that promises a 50% longer service life. One of the most important points in this topic: more antennas and functions usually means less life with each load. It is lacking to see how these two factors in the new watch are compensated.

The mobile connection also implies that Apple Music can now operate from the phone without the need for the iPhone, clearly.

Apple Park

The auditorium of Steve Jobs is a large glass and carbon fiber cylinder that sits on one of the highest parts of the site where Apple Park, the new campus of the company in Cupertino, lies.

iphone x

The whole complex was closely supervised by Steve Jobs, until his health left him. The concept of the project began a decade ago. Vacancies themselves intervened before the Council of this city to discuss the construction for a corporate complex that is dubbed “the mother ship” or the “owner”. The circular design designed by British architect Norman Foster is responsible for these names.

Outside the somewhat mocking tone, the complex is impressive. Also, it makes sense that the celebration of the 10 years of the IPhone is the premiere of a building, which in a sense symbolizes the future of the company for decades to come.

Besides the structure as such, the other protagonist of the place is it a planting, which in the future will have approximately 9,000 trees. Jobs’s idea was to design a place with forests and walking paths for workers to walk in search of inspiration and tranquility. It is unnecessary to say, even in the madness of a launch look, the whole site feels very quiet.

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Google unveils the new Operating System: Android Oreo

Google never hides its roots and always expresses its love for science. The search engine has taken advantage of the total solar eclipse that today has lived USA to renew Android. The eighth version of its mobile and tablet engine, Android O, whose name has been long rumored and finally confirmed as Android Oreo. It will arrive first of the mobile Píxel and Nexus.

Google maintains the custom of naming its versions with references to sweets or desserts, including KitKat for the K. Its a concession to a trade name that came true after closing an agreement with Nestlé. There was a sign, next to the park of the old factory of Nabisco where these iconic cookies were born.

Android Oreo
Android Oreo

During a meeting in a park in Chelsea neighborhood in New York, Google has highlighted the benefits of this launch with two main axes, security and simplicity of use.

With Google Play Protect, users will have better control of what is installed on their mobile. It can contrast the source code of downloaded programs and decide whether or not they trust. A way to try to curb the growing malware and privacy. Continue reading Google unveils the new Operating System: Android Oreo

Healthier environment and Efficient use of energy

The technological evolution in the world is accelerating toward healthier environment and efficient use of energy. So, the field of application going wide and driving us toward a green world.

This has now became a shared goal for all the countries, regardless to their limitation of resources to ensure a clean and healthy environment with proper management of energy.

efficient use of energy and healthier environment

1 . Breakthrough of battery technology

One of the companies that is in the spotlight with battery technology is the American Tesla. The company of Elon Musk is mostly known by the same name:  electric car. Here, the battery is a crucial component partly because, it has a high share in the cost of the car. But Tesla is just as well a battery and a car manufacturer today. It builds it’s own battery factory in the Nevada desert. Again recently, the company also announced its latest development in the so-called home battery: the Powerwall 2.

In combination with their innovative sun roof, Tesla can say that every house makes off grid. The solar panels are fully integrated in the roof structure and almost visible.  The battery technology will be crucial in the coming years and that’s definitely not just a story of Tesla. Thus, Yet Ming Chiang, professor of material science at the MIT, founded 24M Technologies. His company is working on a more efficient way of producing lithium-ion batteries. The production time of these new batteries would be 80 percent lower and the cost would decrease by half.

2. Healthier environment through new biological materials

Also in the coming years, a lot of research will take place on new biological materials. A good example of our contraction- across the border in Dutch Limburg – is the Chemelot Campus, which describes itself as a “chemical and materials community”. Scientists from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany are researching on bio materials.

An interesting company in this field is the Dutch Avantium, a spin-off of Shell.The biochemical company develops and produces PEF. It is a renewable material on a vegetable basis. PEF can eventually replace the environmentally friendly PET, which is now being used everywhere for plastic bottles. Currently, Avantium is  building a production facility in the Antwerp region together with BASF.

3 – Energy management through the internet or things

Futurocité is an organization in Wallonia for some projects relating to mobile technology, the environment and energy. Thus, the organization, using external partners, charts energy consumption in public buildings of cities and municipalities. This job is done by using sensors and the mobile network – the so-called internet or things. They collect all kinds of data such as indoors outside temperature, energy consumption, air quality and whether or not people are present in the building. Thus, they found ‘About one fifth of the energy supply in public buildings is wasted. -‘FUTUROCITÉ

Futurocité is just one example that shows that smart-building projects and measurements make a big savings. The target is not only measuring, but also controlling power management. According to Futurocité, about one fifth of the energy supply in public buildings is wasted,

4 – Electricity generated by human body

Thermo electric materials that can convert heat to electricity have been in existence for a long time. But so far, they are mostly focused on the gadget sphere. Such as a MP3 player or mobile phone that can be charged with body heat (a bit extra).  But the question is how can you make the conversion of heat to electricity more efficient? In Germany, significant quantities of electricity are being generated from human heat.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute developed an unique circuit. This circuit requires only a limited amount of energy (200 millivolts) to extract energy from the temperature differences between the human body and its environment.

5 – Renewable and green energy

Initiatives on renewable and new energy forms, such as earth and residual heat are being set up in Leuven. For example, a project on shallow geothermal energy (Earth heat) runs on the Jansenius and Duchy sites. It is about cooling and heating of new construction combined with heat-power coupling. Therefore, the industrial area in the Leuvense Vaartkom is again an important cluster of heat kits, using residual heat and heat recovery.

50% The production time of the new lithium-ion battery would be 80 % lower and the cost would decrease by half.

6 – Reuse of CO 2

A climate change strategy is simply reusing CO 2 : Carbon Capture & Utilization in the jargon. The Flemish research organization VITO develops biological and biochemical processes that support this process. One example is their CO 2 MPASS project, which converts CO 2  and hydrogen with bacteria and enzymes into raw materials for plastic. In bioelectrochemical processes, bacteria convert CO 2  with electrical current into organic acids and alcohols. Such as acetate or ethanol. VITO developed patented electrodes, which are required to deliver the flow to this process.

7 – Electricity from plants

The Department of Environmental Technology of the Dutch Wageningen University has developed a technology. This new technology generates electricity from living plants. So, as soon as the plant is optimized, the researchers will produce 10 to 28 kWh per square meter per year.

The innovation is being commercialized through the Plant-e company. They want to roll out technology globally. Meanwhile, an installation has been built in Dutch Brabant, which demonstrates that this technology can also generate large-scale power.

8 – Smart (hatch) greenhouses

In The Netherlands, the Greenhouse of the future is working on environment and energy-friendly greenhouses. Mostly, these greenhouses are intended for the production of flowers and vegetables. Those are designed to store energy in warm periods, which can flow back to the mains. Initially, it was primarily intended to use energy as efficiently as possible. Finally, the greenhouses became technically so advanced and efficient that flower and vegetable growers today generate a significant part of Dutch flow. Meanwhile, large companies like Philips are investing in these efficient greenhouses.

9 – Smart daylight domes

The company EcoNation from Ghent was awarded two years ago at the climate summit in Peru. For being one of the most promising green technology companies. The company pioneered the development, production and installation of smart light domes. Something that replace artificial light through daylight. In the domes there is a mirror that directs to the optimal light point through a sensor and collects the daylight. This is reflected inwards, filtered and strengthened, after which it is dispersed in the building. Consequence? Artificial light is no longer needed for a long time.

“In Germany, we try to generate significant amounts of energy from human heat.”

10 – Parts of energy

Perhaps the most sympathetic project from this list. About three years ago, teacher Marc Bellinkx founded the project ‘Kontich Stream’. It even retrieved the famous TEDx Talks. The reason? The power that Bellinkx generated through his solar panels, should he not deliver to his neighbor. Kontich Stream wants to establish a civilian energy park, which is inspired by the Dutch solar panel initiative, Nl. Citizens could invest in this project of solar energy.

That’s not how it is. Bellinkx also attracted one of the first of the teachings against the capital injection of the Chinese State Grid in network operator Eandis. Successfully, because the deal eventually ended.

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World’s most powerful wind turbine will be higher than the Empire State Building!

The world’s most powerful wind turbine will be higher than the Empire State Building and more flexible than a palm tree. This is  certainly a revolutionary progress in the production of renewable energy.

Let’s start with the figures: 500 meters high, 200 meters per blade and a capacity of 50 megawatts. The SUMR project of the University of Virginia is still developing, but it marks the keys to where wind power is going: towards the construction of ever-larger giants.

Because the race to build the world’s largest and most powerful wind turbine is not only a matter of megalomania, but also the search for technologies that can maximize the potential of Earth’s winds. A search that will allow us to see incredible things.

most powerful wind turbine

Faster, taller, stronger

The great challenge of renewable energies is to improve its price, its production capacity and its efficiency. In the case of wind power that happens by creating larger turbines. And so we have done it. The turbines are already bigger than 20 years ago.

But if we want to make the most of the most constant and powerful sea winds, we need higher turbines and more “sweeping area” (the circular area covered by the blades). In fact, as discussed in the latest issue of Wind Energy, the relationship is not linear. It means, if the blade length is folded, the capacity can grow up to four times.

A mammoth wind technology

The answer to this (and the next step in this way) is called SUMR. It’s a project coordinated by the University of Virginia that works to design the turbine of the 50 megawatts. To do so, they work with structures that bend to the largest turbines today and that surpass in height buildings like the Empire State Building.

This turbine also has some design changes. Instead of three blades it has two located on the rear of the turbine. Usually fewer blades would make the turbine less efficient. But the calculations of the equipment show that the new design allows balancing efficiency, structural weight and costs with this design.

They are also designed to be located more than 80 km from the coast where the winds are more intense. So question is where SUMR presents its greatest innovation. The answer is the blades are flexible. The design has been inspired by the palm trees and according to their calculations they could withstand winds over 253 kilometers.

After the industrial design, the engineering challenge

However, there are still many problems to solve before starting the first turbine. Most of them are due to their real construction (raising a mole of 500 meters in height to 80 km of the coast is nothing simple).

In the next two years, the SUMR team is going to build ever-larger prototypes to test a wind technology. If that succeeds, it will have the potential to revolutionize the world of renewable energy.

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FIFA 18 Vs PES 18- frontal clash begun

FIFA 18 Vs PES 18 : one of the biggest controversy for the game lovers this year. The football match between the sagas of EA Sports and Konami started last September 12 through a frontal clash between both companies: on the one hand the launch of ‘PES 2018 ‘ two days ahead of schedule, for another’ FIFA 18 ‘advanced its demo three days.

As we have said on more than one occasion, both games are based on experiences that are somewhat complementary: ‘PES’ knows how to make better individual or passer-by performance and ‘FIFA’ allows for better ball dominance and strategies team up. But we are not going to fool ourselves.  At the end of the day, visual section is an added plus that weighs, like it or not.

FIFA 18 Vs PES 18
FIFA 18 Vs PES 18

The comparison of Candyland is a perfect example of how each game unfolds. Although the animations of ‘FIFA 18’ are more energetic and the stadiums are much more alive. But, it is also necessary to recognize that the faces have been scanned of the players in ‘PES 2018’ are simply spectacular.

With the final version of one and the playable advancement of the other ahead, in VidaExtra we want to contrast the technical section of both games. Also, both Konami and EA have had a year ahead to surprise us. Moreover,the engines FOX and Frostbite give a lot of game.

Two factors that are still better reflected in the benchmark of the analyst of Bits. Thanks to its more detailed plans of the players and the comparison of repetitions in slow motion.

On the other hand, RajmanGaming HD focuses on is facial appearance of the Real Madrid squad. A team that will be present in ‘PES 2018’ but will not have the name, shield or official equipment.  Because, it reflects the work of Konami with unlicensed clubs and media presence . That yes, in this case, ‘FIFA 18’ wins the game.

At the time of playing and taking into account that in both titles we can adjust the angle of the camera. We will see how EA fulfills its promise to offer much more lively fields. Both the stands and the grass are closer to what we expect to see in this generation and the players are subtly more defined.

It should be noted that it is not possible to adjust the chronological conditions in the ‘FIFA 18’ demo. But the stands or perspective from within are very different between the two proposals. Continue reading FIFA 18 Vs PES 18- frontal clash begun

One Plus 5 : dual camera with longer battery life

OnePlus 5 with a major concentration on dual camera with longer battery life has left behind months of rumors and leaks. Before he is born he is already a cult smart phone, but will not reach any store. OnePlus, its manufacturer, maintains one of its founding principles, they only sell by Internet. The new model arrives at a price slightly higher than the norm of this brand and exceeds for the first time the border of 450 dollars or euros. It comes in two models, for $ 479 or 499 euros, with 64 gigabytes of internal memory and six gigabytes of RAM. For $ 539 or 559 euros it rises to 128 storage and eight RAM.

Kyle Kiang, World Marketing Director, met with El Pais in San Francisco a few days before the launch to explain the details of this expected device. The first thing he did was justify the price, the most controversial point: “In each new model we raise the quality. Consequently, it does the price because we offer more. We think it’s still a great option for that price”-  Kyle Kiang during the One Plus 5 exhibition.

One Plus 5

Since its first mobile, OnePlus has been characterized by competing with the most powerful mobiles for almost half price. They continue to stand up and in many respects, are the best option. But this time the price is around 70% of what their competitors cost. Continue reading One Plus 5 : dual camera with longer battery life