COPCAR is a revolutionary system that can detect adverse cardiac conditions before the patient himself does. Your chances of surviving a heart attack depend directly on how long it takes to attend the problem, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation. This can sometimes be too much, among other things, by the time it takes to realize what’s happening to you. But a group of Spanish researchers has developed a system with which they intend to help in this problem.

This is COPCAR (Control of high-risk patients) consists of a textile garment full of sensors that will read your heart activity at all times. This data is sent to a mobile using an application that, as the creators assure, would be able to detect almost immediately your heart attack and warn you, and when it detects a problem sends them to a control center to start the pertinent warnings.


COPCAR has been developed by a group of researchers led by Tomás Vicente, head of the cardiology service at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Murcia, and the expert systems engineer in telemedicine Carlos Jiménez. While doing the research they took help from BQ, who has provided them with the mobile devices in which to carry out the tests and to develop the application.

How COPCAR Works

COPCAR focuses on people who have cardiovascular problems and want or need to keep a constant monitoring of their vital signs. To do this, this ECG monitoring system has a garment that you put on your chest, which has a small device attached called ‘minder’. It is responsible for recording and transmitting the signals to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

On the mobile you can read the signals by an app in which you will also be able to see your heart rate in real time and make a call to the emergency services. The application is responsible for performing a preliminary processing of your vital data and if it detects any problems it sends them to a data center that interprets cardiac activity.

With this mechanics in three steps and always according to its creators, COPCAR should be able to detect a wide range of heart disease. Such as, arrhythmia, angina pectoris or cardiac infarct. After detecting the problem the device sends an alert to a Signal collection center, where a medical team evaluates the information. Then they inform the user, his/her relatives and the emergency location services about the user status and the risk of the episode he’s suffering.

“A person usually takes about 45 minutes to determine if he or she is having a heart attack before calling 112,” says Tomás Vicente, one of the project’s leaders. “With COPCAR he does it in a minute because he doesn’t have to decide it based only on his feelings.”


Obviously, these are the forecasts of their creators, so until a large number of people starts testing it you will not be able to have a realistic notion of reaction times. They also have other challenges like the comfort of their bra-shaped garment and how the system reacts to situations such as the user having their mobile switched off or without coverage to send the information to the data center.

In any case, we are discussing an amazing device that aims to save lives by reducing the 139 minutes of media that usually takes a patient to receive medical care since suffering a cardiac episode which is only 17 minutes in urban areas and a bit more in remote ares.

The price, another factor to take into account

Yoy can purchase COPCAR  in the online shop of the project for a price of 990 euros. It includes two of the textile garments, two gels, a minder, the monitoring application and a mobile that do not specify a specific model, but given the association with BQ should belong to the Spanish brand.

In the pictures of the product it’s visible that the mobile that appears is a Aquaris x 5 Plus whose price is around 280 euros.That means the other 710 euros would belong to the rest of the system that comes included in the purchase.

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