With a new and huge rocket and conducting before tests with voyages between different points of the Earth, Elon Musk wants to reach and start building the Mars colony from 2022. As he explained at the end of last month, SpaceX’s current goal is to build a colony on the red Planet. Not everyone believes it, but recently has given more details on how they expect to get it and how that colony will be like. Mars colony

During the past weekend Elon Musk performed a AMA on Reddit, for those who are not aware, AMA is the abbreviation of Ask me anything, and usually people of interest make one for users to ask anything. Among all the questions that were made Elon Musk, there are a few interesting details that reveal what will be the colony on Mars that plans for 2022.

Facts about settling in Mars colony :

It seems that to SpaceX to get to Mars is the least of the problems, the real challenge is to install the colony on the Red Planet. That yes, not anywhere, because the location of the colony will be determined by a number of factors.

According to Elon Musk, the site they choose should be at a low altitude, in order to maximize the aerodynamic braking. On the other hand, it is important to be near an area with ice for the production of propulsion for rockets. He also commented that some place near the equator of the planet will be ideal for solar panels. Either way, the company hasn’t given the right place yet.

Self-sufficient, but with the help of other companies:

As we already knew, the idea of SpaceX is to establish a colony on Mars that is self-sufficient. To this end, Elon Musk explained that they are designing the ISRU system (use of in-situ resources) with which to collect materials for the propellers on Mars. The funny thing here was a user’s question about whether he will take any of the machines he has developed here on Earth, such as the bulldozer used by the ‘Boring Company’. The CEO of SpaceX answered with a simple “how boring!”, each one can interpret it as he pleases.Mars colonyHow will they solve problems where SpaceX is not involved, such as food production? Elon Musk did not answer directly to that but he dropped that he will need the help of other companies to carry out the mission.

The goal is to take you there and ensure the basic infrastructure for the production of propellants and survival in place.The colony/ industry would need to be built on Mars by many other companies and millions of people.

Will Mars have its own Internet?

The problems in the Mars do not always have to do with the food or the transport. The concern is how the residents will communicate with the people of the earth and if there were plans to make some type of Internet there on Mars? Elon’s response was very much his style:

If someone wants to build a communication channel with a great bandwidth to Mars, please do so.

It should be taken into account that the distance between Earth and Mars is 22 minutes at the speed of light at its maximum separation distance and 3 minutes in the minimum distance. Reducing that time between message sending and receiving is practically impossible.

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