Microsoft is profiling Linux with a goal of developing this operating system. I have tried to put some light on this topic in the below article:

The use of a Bash console within Windows 10 was already a utopia a few years ago. But it is that Microsoft’s love of Linux and Open Source continues to grow.

It carried on the process with the arrival of joint certifications or with the arrival of Ubuntu (and OpenSuSE, and Fedora) and the Windows Store. But there is a last minute surprise. That is, Microsoft is recruiting many Linux kernel developers with a particular goal: the evolution of this operating system.

Microsoft is profiling Linux

Microsoft is profiling Linux

Microsoft is in Open Source Talent Search and Capture Mode

It is true that, right at this moment Microsoft lags behind those who contribute most to the progress of Linux . It is ranked 47 of the top contributors to the kernel according to the list run by The Linux Foundation . But that could change in the short run .

Microsoft is profiling the next generation of Linux. In order to do this, they are recruiting plenty of Linux kernel developers everyday to do the same job from Redmond. Paul Shilovsky, Matthew Wilcox, or Stephen Hemminger (the person who criticized Microsoft in 2009) already comprised part of a team of 12 people. They are all working on developing different features of kernel.

It was pinpointed by Greg Kroah-Hartman that, one of the senior managers of Linux kernel hierarchy, explained that these developers “are contributing in various areas of the kernel (memory management, basic code structures, network infrastructure) of CIFS files and of course many contributions to make Linux work better on your Hyper-V systems . ”

Microsoft as Risk for Open Source 

Why is Microsoft doing all this? Obvious: platforms like Azure have long welcomed Linux. So getting this operating system to work optimally on your cloud platform could be the key factor. It might help to win over other alternatives from different companies. Such as, Amazon, Google or IBM.

Certainly here could appear the logical doubts of a company that for almost two decades denied the validity of the Open Source proposals. Although it seems logical to think that Microsoft is interested in helping to improve Linux in the areas that it is interested in. But, that could conflict with the future that the community would want Linux to address.

Microsoft is profiling Linux for future. But, the truth is that in the end the development of the Linux kernel is no longer in the hands of independent developers . On top of that, now companies like Intel, AMD, IBM or Google have hired a large number of developers . No wonder they, profile Linux in the image of those who they are hiring them.

However, it should be noted that the Linux kernel’s own development philosophy is headed by Linus Torvalds or legendary maintainers as the aforementioned Kroah-Hartman. Both they and others in development have long been clear about where Linux has to go. So, it does not seem that the involvement of Microsoft or other large players can severely affect Linux bases.

Meanwhile, yes, we continue to be surprised by the involvement of Microsoft in Linux and Open Source. That rhythm does not seem, because as they pointed out in Infoworld,- the world has turned upside down and it seems that ” pigs can fly .”

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