A mobile is much more than a cold bright display apparatus. This is our faithful companion in the day that device that never leaves you if your battery begins to threaten us and has to resort to saving mode. It accompanies us through thick and thin. In the event in which they have left us planted and we turn to slide so melancholy thumb Instagram. Also in most intimate moments, which took the library of games, while we sat on something that many call throne?


Besides all this, a mobile phone can serve many more uses and have decided to collect them. After discussing it in writing no doubt these would be the five uses, you could give your smartphone in addition to those already frequent. What’s more, sure you list any of the sounds of something.

As a unit of measure

How many times have you measured something with your fingers? For when you do not have a meter, your phone can serve perfectly as a reference to take action. Obviously not, expect so measuring a house but for things like it can be a piece of furniture something, that is not too large. It’s just what you’re thinking, your mobile phone that cost you CIENES euro has become a meter, but eye design.

Surely at this point, you are somewhat surprised. No, it has to do with the applications to use the phone and purse-level pay for things. If you have a case for your smartphone, why not use it to get money between the cover and the phone. In fact, you can even go in there own identity card or credit card. As you see, a two in one spectacular and very comfortable to wear.

But let’s get into the skin of last survivor the man who is subjected to extreme conditions and using anything to survive. For if we pass this, we could use our mobile phone His screen- to direct sunlight and fire. And no, you turn it into fuel is always the last option. It is valid for both class and for every area of life. Imagine you say look at that back because you have two options. Try to see the reflection of leveraging mobile glass screen, or activate the camera as if you were going to make a selfie and look a little step. Perhaps the second is the easiest and the most elegant.

One of the first things people with glasses when you wake up is palpated his nightstand and put them ago. And in case you do not find them and need to go to the bathroom sought in more detail, the camera of your phone can serve to do with the sharpness you need. Moreover, the zoom will help you locate your glasses.