TomTom renews its Go series of smart, portable satellite navigation systems. Maps, traffic information and flash notifications can be updated automatically and free of charge.

The portable TomTom Go 250, 620, 5200 & 6200 satellite navigation systems allow you to quickly and easily update wirelessly thanks to it’s built-in wifi. TomTom’s traffic information, maps and flash reports are free of cost.

The route managers are compatible with personal assistants such as Siri from Apple, Google Now and Cortana from Microsoft. You can take a search or take hands-free phone calls through a voice command. The TomTom Go can also read embedded text messages.navigation

Thanks to their powerful quadcore processors and TomTom software. These navigation systems also contain some intelligence. They are able to learn your driving skills and, for example, automatically predict your destination so you can board and drive without programming the navigator. The condition for this latter is that you use the TomTom App Mydrive on your smartphone to plan and save your routes. The TomTom Go automatically synchronizes information with MyDrive.

Pressure traffic is automatically circumvented if possible. If you’re approaching a traffic jam or flash, the TomTom GO gives a sound alert so you can reduce time.

Hardware configuration and price:

The new navigation systems have 16GB of internal memory that can be expanded via a microSD card with up to 32GB. The built-in battery lasts up to an hour. An active magnetic holder for the windshield or on the dashboard is included. This allows the system to be handled and removed with one hand and one.

The systems differ especially in screen diagonal. The top model Go 6200 has a 154 ppi 6-inch (16 cm) screen. The Go 5200 has a 109 ppi 5 inch (13 cm) screen. Both of these car navigation systems have sim cards that support live updates.

The cheaper Go 520 (5 inch) and Go 620 (6 inch) models need to connect with a smartphone for live traffic jams and flash reports.

The new systems will be in stores in October. You pay 229,95 € for the GO 520, 279,95 € for the GO 620, 329,95 € for the GO 5200 and 379,95 € for the GO 6200.

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