OnePlus 5 with a major concentration on dual camera with longer battery life has left behind months of rumors and leaks. Before he is born he is already a cult smart phone, but will not reach any store. OnePlus, its manufacturer, maintains one of its founding principles, they only sell by Internet. The new model arrives at a price slightly higher than the norm of this brand and exceeds for the first time the border of 450 dollars or euros. It comes in two models, for $ 479 or 499 euros, with 64 gigabytes of internal memory and six gigabytes of RAM. For $ 539 or 559 euros it rises to 128 storage and eight RAM.

Kyle Kiang, World Marketing Director, met with El Pais in San Francisco a few days before the launch to explain the details of this expected device. The first thing he did was justify the price, the most controversial point: “In each new model we raise the quality. Consequently, it does the price because we offer more. We think it’s still a great option for that price”-  Kyle Kiang during the One Plus 5 exhibition.

One Plus 5

Since its first mobile, OnePlus has been characterized by competing with the most powerful mobiles for almost half price. They continue to stand up and in many respects, are the best option. But this time the price is around 70% of what their competitors cost.

Clarified the most controversial point, the price, noticeable improvements are appreciated. The most important one is in the camera, its usual strength. It now mounts a 20-megapixel dual lens that offers two interesting effects: zoom without losing quality and portraits with blurred background. Focusing with two lenses generates a depth of field very similar to the results of a SLR camera. It is obvious that it is not the same, but in the right hands is a great creative tool. “For someone experienced it is important to be able to touch the ISO of the photo and work as if it had a RAW file,” reiterates the manager.

They were pioneers in video recording in 4K resolution. They keep this option, but now with slow motion at 120 frames per second in 1080 pixel definition. The front camera maintains the 16 megapixels of the 3T, but with better sensor. Both the rear camera and the front have improved focus, now it is 40% faster.

Their Dash charger , a system developed by them, fills the battery, from 3,300 MAh to 70% in less than 20 minutes. A whole dose of tranquility.

The third pillar on which it is based is the processor. They use the Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm, the most powerful on the market. After checking the catalog, this is the most affordable option to get this chip.

The most appreciated by consumers is the austerity in software. Far from introducing own programs or layers of additional icons, the firm opts for a clean Android, very close to that offered by Google in its Pixel or those of Motorola. This implies further customization and speed at the time of opening applications. It uses Android 7.1 and maintains the promise of a quick update to L when it is released by Google.

The new model  One Plus 5 arrives for a price somewhat higher than the norm of this brand and exceeds for the first time the border of 450 dollars or euros

Yes they have added a reading mode. The feeling is very similar to having a kindle in your hands. Players will appreciate having the video game mode, to avoid notifications during the game.

Another of its hallmarks is the double SIM card slot, so you can travel without having to open the mobile when you change countries or have two different contracts and move from one to another in a matter of seconds.

As curiosity clarify that have gone from OnePlus 3T to One Plus 5, without going through the number 4 because of the negative connotations that this number has in Asia. “Also because the five, as if we were a basketball team, gives an idea of how small our company is.”

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