‘ P2P downloads hardly affect sales ‘- is this statement true? For the last few years the entertainment industry worldwide was continuously accusing  the P2P sites to have their sales  reduced remarkably.

In response to that we have seen some strict actions from the law enforcement agencies too. Finally, the European Commission spent 360,000 euros on a report to find out how it affected the music, books, movies and video games industries. But after spending that money they decided not to make it known . Because, possibly  the results they were throwing were not what they expected.

But finally the report has come to light, thanks to Julia Reda . A member of the German Pirate Party. It concludes that P2P downloads are not really a problem for sales of copyrighted content. Rather, in some cases like video games, downloads called illegal downloads often affect positively.P2P downloadsIn May 2015, the European Commission commissioned Dutch firm Ecory. Ecory was responsible to measure the impact of P2P downloads for several months. This research has resulted in a report of 304 page. Now, if the report has finally come to light that is because the Euro-parliamentary Julia Reda published it on personal blog .

“Overall, the results do not show strong statistical evidence of sales turnover for online copyright infringement,” the report concludes. “That does not necessarily mean that piracy has no effect. But only that statistical analysis does not prove reliably enough that there is an effect.”

Most surprising of all is, one of the latest findings points to an important fact. That is, the more you download a person the less impact you have on the industry . This, according to those responsible for the study, could explain why downloads have less and less impact on legal sales of copyrighted content. People just get more and more.

The Conclusion of the Report

The report requested by Europe begins by saying that in 2014, 51% of adults and 72% of European minors had illegally downloaded or reproduced creative content,  Comparing to the other four European countries , Poland and Spain got  “the highest piracy rates”.

The findings with respect to the total effects of online copyright infringement on legal transactions are found in section 7.7 of the report. It says that the only thing that stands out is the section of films and series . This indicates , simply that copyright infringements “are much more likely to have negative effects than positive.”

The worst part is taken by the large movietigraphic blockbusters, which have a displacement rate of 40%. This means that  four films are taken less legally.for every 10 films that are consumed in violation of copyright,

As far as the music industry is concerned, the movement rate estimated by the studio is zero. They say in the report that the movement of physical sales is offset by the positive effect on live concerts of streaming that violate copyright. Come on, P2P music downloads encourage people to go to the concerts of listening artists according to this report.
In the world of video games the effects of downloads that violate copyright is positive according to the report. Since free games are only affected by downloads. In fact, including free games, for every 100 online copyright infringements you get 24 extra legal transactions .

According to the study, may be due to the fact that players end up hooked to games that are download through P2P networks. Also, willing to pay for that game in exchange for having extra levels or bonuses . It seems like the format to offer downloadable content with the official copies of the games is working.

Those responsible for the report warn that the margins of error in their results are quite large due to the difficulty of obtaining data. But that go in the same direction of other studies that have also indicated that the impact of the downloads is minimal in the purchases of original material. What’s more, the more you download a person the less it affects the official sales.

“For the sub sample of respondents with large volumes of pirated content (more than 20 CDs, movies, books or games) it is estimated that the rates of displacement are zero, ” says the study. “And for the sub sample of respondents with smaller numbers the rates of displacement are generally larger and less insignificant.”

And this is precisely the relationship, by those responsible for the study believe that the impact of discharges is lower than in previous studies carried out by other companies. The reason why travel rates seem to have declined in recent years. This is simply because people are downloading more and more.

The study also has other interesting points. Such as, how much users are willing to pay for their legal content. Also, which are the details of the impact of the downloads in each of the sections. As we say the study has been discarded by Europe. But its results are certainly interesting for the debate around the impact of the downloads.

Thanks  for reading my article ‘P2P downloads hardly affect sales, according to a report that the EU paid but not published. Hope you had a good time.