P2P downloads hardly affect sales, according to a report that the EU paid but not published

‘ P2P downloads hardly affect sales ‘- is this statement true? For the last few years the entertainment industry worldwide was continuously accusing  the P2P sites to have their sales  reduced remarkably.

In response to that we have seen some strict actions from the law enforcement agencies too. Finally, the European Commission spent 360,000 euros on a report to find out how it affected the music, books, movies and video games industries. But after spending that money they decided not to make it known . Because, possibly  the results they were throwing were not what they expected.

But finally the report has come to light, thanks to Julia Reda . A member of the German Pirate Party. It concludes that P2P downloads are not really a problem for sales of copyrighted content. Rather, in some cases like video games, downloads called illegal downloads often affect positively.P2P downloadsIn May 2015, the European Commission commissioned Dutch firm Ecory. Ecory was responsible to measure the impact of P2P downloads for several months. This research has resulted in a report of 304 page. Now, if the report has finally come to light that is because the Euro-parliamentary Julia Reda published it on personal blog .

“Overall, the results do not show strong statistical evidence of sales turnover for online copyright infringement,” the report concludes. “That does not necessarily mean that piracy has no effect. But only that statistical analysis does not prove reliably enough that there is an effect.”

Most surprising of all is, one of the latest findings points to an important fact. That is, the more you download a person the less impact you have on the industry . This, according to those responsible for the study, could explain why downloads have less and less impact on legal sales of copyrighted content. People just get more and more.

The Conclusion of the Report

The report requested by Europe begins by saying that in 2014, 51% of adults and 72% of European minors had illegally downloaded or reproduced creative content,  Comparing to the other four European countries , Poland and Spain got  “the highest piracy rates”.

The findings with respect to the total effects of online copyright infringement on legal transactions are found in section 7.7 of the report. It says that the only thing that stands out is the section of films and series . This indicates , simply that copyright infringements “are much more likely to have negative effects than positive.”

The worst part is taken by the large movietigraphic blockbusters, which have a displacement rate of 40%. This means that  four films are taken less legally.for every 10 films that are consumed in violation of copyright,

As far as the music industry is concerned, the movement rate estimated by the studio is zero. They say in the report that the movement of physical sales is offset by the positive effect on live concerts of streaming that violate copyright. Come on, P2P music downloads encourage people to go to the concerts of listening artists according to this report.
In the world of video games the effects of downloads that violate copyright is positive according to the report. Since free games are only affected by downloads. In fact, including free games, for every 100 online copyright infringements you get 24 extra legal transactions .

According to the study, may be due to the fact that players end up hooked to games that are download through P2P networks. Also, willing to pay for that game in exchange for having extra levels or bonuses . It seems like the format to offer downloadable content with the official copies of the games is working.

Those responsible for the report warn that the margins of error in their results are quite large due to the difficulty of obtaining data. But that go in the same direction of other studies that have also indicated that the impact of the downloads is minimal in the purchases of original material. What’s more, the more you download a person the less it affects the official sales.

“For the sub sample of respondents with large volumes of pirated content (more than 20 CDs, movies, books or games) it is estimated that the rates of displacement are zero, ” says the study. “And for the sub sample of respondents with smaller numbers the rates of displacement are generally larger and less insignificant.”

And this is precisely the relationship, by those responsible for the study believe that the impact of discharges is lower than in previous studies carried out by other companies. The reason why travel rates seem to have declined in recent years. This is simply because people are downloading more and more.

The study also has other interesting points. Such as, how much users are willing to pay for their legal content. Also, which are the details of the impact of the downloads in each of the sections. As we say the study has been discarded by Europe. But its results are certainly interesting for the debate around the impact of the downloads.

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Microsoft is profiling the future of Linux

Microsoft is profiling Linux with a goal of developing this operating system. I have tried to put some light on this topic in the below article:

The use of a Bash console within Windows 10 was already a utopia a few years ago. But it is that Microsoft’s love of Linux and Open Source continues to grow.

It carried on the process with the arrival of joint certifications or with the arrival of Ubuntu (and OpenSuSE, and Fedora) and the Windows Store. But there is a last minute surprise. That is, Microsoft is recruiting many Linux kernel developers with a particular goal: the evolution of this operating system.

Microsoft is profiling Linux
Microsoft is profiling Linux

Microsoft is in Open Source Talent Search and Capture Mode

It is true that, right at this moment Microsoft lags behind those who contribute most to the progress of Linux . It is ranked 47 of the top contributors to the kernel according to the list run by The Linux Foundation . But that could change in the short run .

Microsoft is profiling the next generation of Linux. In order to do this, they are recruiting plenty of Linux kernel developers everyday to do the same job from Redmond. Paul Shilovsky, Matthew Wilcox, or Stephen Hemminger (the person who criticized Microsoft in 2009) already comprised part of a team of 12 people. They are all working on developing different features of kernel.

It was pinpointed by Greg Kroah-Hartman that, one of the senior managers of Linux kernel hierarchy, explained that these developers “are contributing in various areas of the kernel (memory management, basic code structures, network infrastructure) of CIFS files and of course many contributions to make Linux work better on your Hyper-V systems . ”

Microsoft as Risk for Open Source 

Why is Microsoft doing all this? Obvious: platforms like Azure have long welcomed Linux. So getting this operating system to work optimally on your cloud platform could be the key factor. It might help to win over other alternatives from different companies. Such as, Amazon, Google or IBM.

Certainly here could appear the logical doubts of a company that for almost two decades denied the validity of the Open Source proposals. Although it seems logical to think that Microsoft is interested in helping to improve Linux in the areas that it is interested in. But, that could conflict with the future that the community would want Linux to address.

Microsoft is profiling Linux for future. But, the truth is that in the end the development of the Linux kernel is no longer in the hands of independent developers . On top of that, now companies like Intel, AMD, IBM or Google have hired a large number of developers . No wonder they, profile Linux in the image of those who they are hiring them.

However, it should be noted that the Linux kernel’s own development philosophy is headed by Linus Torvalds or legendary maintainers as the aforementioned Kroah-Hartman. Both they and others in development have long been clear about where Linux has to go. So, it does not seem that the involvement of Microsoft or other large players can severely affect Linux bases.

Meanwhile, yes, we continue to be surprised by the involvement of Microsoft in Linux and Open Source. That rhythm does not seem, because as they pointed out in Infoworld,- the world has turned upside down and it seems that ” pigs can fly .”

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Install 3TB RAM!! on HP Z8 workstations


Go, get it now and install 3TB RAM!! on new HP Z8 and exploit the beast of a machine for your photo and video editing. HP just launched a new series  of desktop workstations for you. It is the latest Z Workstations can be upgraded with mind-boggling hardware specs. The top-of-the-line model is the Z8, followed by the Z6 and Z4.

A conventional PC or laptop usually has 4, 8 or 16 GB of RAM installed. Which means, the quantities have been increasing slowly but inexorably.  But this is a section in which it is rare to need more than 32 GB that mount some more demanding users.


That amount, however, is small when we talk about the powerful HP Z8 workstations , which has an option to install up to 3TB RAM. We do not talk about gigabytes, we do not: now we talk about terabytes. Who can need such a monster?

If you want memory, take memory (and pay)

In HP they are clear about the machine. That is, those who work with 3D analysis, simulations of all kinds or with 8K video editing will surely receive with open arms a machine of this capacity. Which includes 24 memory slots is able to reach those 3 TB.

That brutal configuration is completed with two Intel Xeon processors with up to 56 process cores , up to 48TB of storage and up to three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics. The power supply, of course, is also monstrous, and offers 1,700 W of electrical power.

For storage, the Z8 version can be upgraded with up to 48 terabytes of space. If you, in case, would like to treasure your entire lifetime of photos close at hand on your workstation.

Other attributes include Thunderbolt 3 (optional), Dual 1GbE Ports for high bandwidth data transfer, USB 3.1 Type C ports, a unique internal design with improved air flow for cooling off the heat, a 1700W power supply, and 9 PCIe slots.

These teams start from modest base configurations with prices ranging from $ 2,439,  from the start to the several tens of thousands of dollars of the most expensive models. Those base models will arrive in October.

Not even HP is able to indicate how much the HP Z8 can cost with 3TB RAM. But if you were in a hurry to make them with that configuration you will have to be patient. Because, those specific models will not arrive until the first half of 2018 .

There are less stratospheric options. Fortunately, the HP Z6 can reach “only” 384 GB of memory , while the Z4 are limited to 256 GB and a single Xeon processor. That, of course, affects their prices, which are $ 1,919 and $ 1,249 respectively.

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Apple launches iphone x on it’s 10th anniversary

Apple launches iphone x on it’s 10 th anniversary. This latest edition of Apple  includes the most sophisticated technologies. These are: larger size, screen covering almost the entire front of the device and facial recognition as the main unlocking method.

“There is one more thing.” In the world of technology the phrase is a kind of icon and that’s why, while Tim Cook pronounced it this Tuesday in the auditorium Steve Jobs, in the new campus of Apple, the public applauded and shouted. Pure emotion.

“These are words that we do not take lightly and it seems only logical that, 10 years after the first iPhone, we reveal here a product that will mark the way of technology for the next decade.”

iphone x

Cook’s words preceded the introduction of the iPhone X, which, as rumored, comes with a 5.8-inch OLED screen that covers almost the entire front of the computer, unfolding from edge to edge in the device.

This is the most serious design modification that the iPhone has had since the passage between iPhone 5S and 6, maybe. It is not only a transformation of form, but also of substance.

The new device, despite having a larger screen (with a resolution of 2436 X 1125 pixels and a density of 458 pixels per inch), feels and looks smaller than an iPhone 7 Plus. It isthe largest model on the market. This is a small feat that, being fair, is already present in other competitors, but that is still impressive.

Facial recognition in Apple X

The big implication of change in design is that there is no home button, neither physical nor virtual. The unlocking of the equipment will be with facial recognition, a technology that is already present in other devices, but does not quite work well in several competitors of the brand. Apple calls it Face ID.

iphone x

Apples proposal here is integrating three simultaneous methods for measurement and scanning to different things. First, that it works, it’s unlocked when the person looks at the screen and now. Second, you can’t pretend to be someone else with a mask.

No joke, the company tested the system with masks of the same person and says, the possibility of preemploying a user is close to impossible. So, to circumvent the security of facial recognition system, is one in a million.

Recognition of the face uses a measurement of the face environment. An infrared scan of the person’s functions and the projection of 30,000 infrared points on the face is measured. It also calculates the functions of one’s face, even in the dark. According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s global vice President marketing, all this data is in real time analyzed by a system that can perform 600,000 million operations per second. This technology is powered by the new processor of the equipment. It’s called Bionic A11, of six cores and with architecture of 64 bits.

During the initial tests in a room that is linked to the auditorium, the system works very well. Even if we do not look at the device in perfect alignment to the screen. The upper part of the camera integrates, in a small strip, the front camera for photography, besides all systems for facial recognition.

Payments via Face ID

Apple’s belief in this method is such that the phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, on one side. But on the other hand, it’s also the way to authenticate payments via Apple Pay. Perform the con tactless system brand operations.

“What does humanity do when there is such powerful technology in its hands?” Craig Federighi, vice president of software Engineering, asked for the presentation during Tuesday. The answer, on the misfortune or fortune of thousands, is emoji, or animoji to be exact.

Emoji in Apple X

The company introduces a kind of animated emoji that ensures that the reading of a person’s gestures includes it in the face of a unicorn, a fox, a stranger. Think of it this way, as Snapchat filters are used that allow a crown to be projected on someone’s head, Apple’s Animoji perform the reverse process. They take their gestures, their faces, and bring this into the digital disguise of an emoji that mimics what you do and say.

Animoji in Apple X

The demonstration, then it becomes banal for some, is still impressive. Facial recognition that really works. In real-time is read, for the case of Animoji, more than 50 muscles and translates them into digital animation instantly. It’s not a small thing.

Video games in Apple X

Team Apple is celebrating 10 years with IPhone X and the applications of this technology will begin with the houses of video games. Which is not bad, if you consider that some of the most interesting developments are actually augmented and the virtual reality come from this industry. For example, from then on, it will depend on a kind of beneficial cycle between the willingness of developers to build applications that use face recognition and a critical mass of users who have the new IPhone X.

Price of Apple X

This point is perhaps the weakest side of Tuesday’s announcement: The new handset enters with a pretty impressive import price (or disappointing, depending on its economic potential): $999 for the entry-level model, with 64GB internal Storage.

In addition to this, the company introduced two new phones, IPhone 8 and 8 plus, which are essentially internal enhancements to the same design of its predecessors, 7 and 7 plus. That is, instead of adding a S to Apple’s classic upgrade cycle, new names for hardware changes (especially a new processor, the same as the IPhone X, which in this case delivers up to 70% higher performance than the previous one).

The price of the IPhone 8 starts at US $699 and the 8 Plus is $799. Both models are available from September 22nd and come in two configurations, 64GB and 256GB. The next version of the mobile operating system of these phones, IOS 11, will be published on September 19.

Extra features in Apple x

Both these models, like the IPhone X, can now be loaded without cables, under the Qi standard. This is a characteristic gift, for some time, in phones of other brands. What Apple suggests here, for next year, is a device called Air Power. It is a wireless charging station in which the Apple Watch, an iPhone and the airpods can be loaded at the same time.

Also the Apple Watch also got a major update: Mobile connection, which allows it to function more independently of the IPhone. In short, you can receive messages and conversations on the clock without the need to close the phone.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has become an important product line for the company and, according to Cook, is the most popular watch in the world. It has experienced a growth of 50% in the second quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year.

The series 3 of this device has the same size as the previous one (the largest external change was the increase 2.5 millimeters in the thickness of the glass of the screen). That in itself is a small technical tour for connectivity Mobile tool for adding antennas and signal amplifiers, among other elements. The screen works here as the antenna for this type of communication, allowing the space in the interior to maximize.

This device has a new processor, with 70% better performance in terms of speed, as well as a new communication chip that promises a 50% longer service life. One of the most important points in this topic: more antennas and functions usually means less life with each load. It is lacking to see how these two factors in the new watch are compensated.

The mobile connection also implies that Apple Music can now operate from the phone without the need for the iPhone, clearly.

Apple Park

The auditorium of Steve Jobs is a large glass and carbon fiber cylinder that sits on one of the highest parts of the site where Apple Park, the new campus of the company in Cupertino, lies.

iphone x

The whole complex was closely supervised by Steve Jobs, until his health left him. The concept of the project began a decade ago. Vacancies themselves intervened before the Council of this city to discuss the construction for a corporate complex that is dubbed “the mother ship” or the “owner”. The circular design designed by British architect Norman Foster is responsible for these names.

Outside the somewhat mocking tone, the complex is impressive. Also, it makes sense that the celebration of the 10 years of the IPhone is the premiere of a building, which in a sense symbolizes the future of the company for decades to come.

Besides the structure as such, the other protagonist of the place is it a planting, which in the future will have approximately 9,000 trees. Jobs’s idea was to design a place with forests and walking paths for workers to walk in search of inspiration and tranquility. It is unnecessary to say, even in the madness of a launch look, the whole site feels very quiet.

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Digital Interpreters- Speak languages without learning

Here, in this article ‘Digital Interpreters- speak languages without learning’, I am going to discuss about technological inventions have presented us  digital interpreters. These technologies help us speak languages without learning. Thus,communicating in other languages with people around the world without knowing how to speak them has become easier.


Who does not want to know many languages? Being able to converse in any language would bring several advantages in the professional and cultural field as well as in the personal field. However, resources are limited and learning a language entails a great deal of time, money and effort .  So, given these difficulties,, what can be done? The technology offers different solutions to be able to communicate in other languages. Precisely, there are gadget translators and applications that improve understanding and fluency of different languages.

speak languages without learning

Pilot: the translator headset

This curious device was created by Waverly Labs and developed by crowdfunding campaign . The Pilot kit consists of a wireless headset.  This headset is equipped with a microphone and a speaker that connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The translation done by Pilot is almost simultaneous. So the person may be able to understand languages ​​that he has not learned almost in real time. Because the delay is only two seconds which, the creators of the device hope to reduce further with time.

Initially, the languages ​​available on Pilot are English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese . However, users will be able to pay for translating conversations in additional languages ​​such as German, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic, among others. The launch date of Pilot is planned in autumn and its price will be between $266.69 to $320.51.

Travis: the language-speaking device

It fits in the palm of one hand and is capable of translating 80 languages. This is Travis, a very interesting automatic translator developed by a Dutch start-up . We all want to speak languages without learning them and this device is helping us to a great extent in this regard.

The procedure is quite simple. You just have to pronounce the phrase you want to translate. Travis will pronounce it in the indicated language. It has an online and offline voice recognition. In addition, it can be used for 12 hours in a row, thanks to the autonomy of its battery.

The most curious thing about this proposal is that it is a device that is being improved with its use. This is possible because it is based on machine learning technology , a branch of artificial intelligence that allows machines to learn automatically.

Can you imagine being able to converse with speakers from any country without having to learn the language? Incredibly, this is already a real possibility. You can speak languages ​​with the help of technology.

Smartpen: the pen that translates

But the digital world not only offers translating gadgets , but many more options with which it is easier to learn other languages. One of them is Smartpen, which has the appearance of a pen, but it is much more than that.

The Spanish company Kids SmartPen SL has developed this optical pen capable of interpreting the sounds and phonemes of a language encoded in paper . It is aimed at children , who serve to enhance their language skills. In fact, it is suitable for both pre-school students and older students, such as high school students.

Babbel: speak languages ​​with mobile

The smartphone can also help a lot in language learning through various easy-to-install apps. This is the case of Babbel, an app with learning programs designed by linguists and experts . The most interesting thing is that their lessons do not last more than 15 minutes, which facilitates the reconciliation of work and personal life with the study of languages.

Electronic books to speak languages

Electronic books are becoming more widespread in society, which is slowly changing their reading habits. In addition, in this type of devices not only can enjoy a good novel, but also they are very useful in the learning of languages. Moreover, it does not only have to do with the titles and contents compatible with this format that can be downloaded, but to the own applications of the apparatuses . Also, many e-books have, for example, built-in translators.


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Surveillance camera that recognizes faces

The small, pillar-shaped  surveillance camera recognizes faces of sixteen people. This surveillance camera is called Netatmo Welcome. This is an all-in-one video surveillance camera with built-in cloud access . Netatmo Welcome reviewed here for many consumers to use a more user-friendly solution than a “normal” ip camera. Thus, to create a cloud camera by installing its own video editing server (usually via post) to target.

You pay more for such ready-to-use video surveillance solution. But these cameras usually have a more beautiful design than “regular” copies.


surveillance camera recognizes faces
NetatmoWelcome, surveillance camera recognizes faces


The cylindrical all-in-one design of Netatmo Welcome strongly resembles that of Canary previously tested. The champagne-colored Welcome, however, is narrower and lighter. Also, it may seem even less on a video surveillance camera than that of Canary.

You can already discourage this surveillance pile all over the place. There is no restriction on the number of Welcome’s in one location. Videos are stored locally on a class 10 microSD memory card of up to 32GB. An 8GB copy is included as standard.


The protected Netatmo cloud only stores screenshots of each video clip. The iOS,  Android and web apps do not save any information themselves. This also applies to the Netatmo Android Wear and Apple Watch apps.

The Netatmo Security app retrieves the timeline of events and the associated screenshots of video clips from the secured cloud. When you click on a screenshot, the app plays the corresponding video. You can also download the clip locally.

Video clips can be sent to a Dropbox or ftp account at the same time, using the standard application of your operating system. Every 24 hours you can also download an automatically compiled video summary.

There are no charges for using the cloud. The same app works with Netatmo outdoor camera presence we tested previously and other intelligent devices of this French company. Such as siren, smoke alarm, waterproof safety sensors, the personal station, the indoor monitor and intelligent thermostat.

There is also interaction between some of these devices. For example, the Welcome can enable the Netatmo 110dB siren on detection. Conversely, the security sensors can turn on the camera when someone opens a door or window.



You install the camera through the app and a Bluetooth connection that is used for this purpose only. The internet connection works via Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet cable that attaches to the back.

Netatmo, the surveillance camera recognizes faces up to sixteen people. You need to learn the camera. Any unknown face gets a question mark in the app. You click to give the person a name and profile. You have to repeat this several times with different images. But after a while, the camera recognizes the faces smoothly.

You decide which faces to be “trusted”. The camera can then arm itself when none of the trusted persons leave the house. You decide how long the camera waits when you notice any absences.

You can also automatically fire and disarm the camera via your smartphone (geo fencing). The distance is set to 100 meters by default and you can not change that. Additionally, manual weaponry and disarmament is also possible.

The camera reports when someone arrives, but not every time a known person walks past the camera. The device can also send a warning and record video when the built-in microphone sounds an alarm.

The microphone must be permanently switched on for this function. Then, of course, the video will also include all the conversations in the space it is in.



The picture and sound quality are excellent. The full hd cmos chip in the Welcome has extra large pixels of 2 microns. Capture faces even remotely or with limited light.

The Netatmo Welcome and Canary All-in-One are virtually unobtrusive, but Netatmo Welcome offers a better price-quality ratio. 


The Netatmo Welcome is a discrete indoor surveillance camera recognizes faces with outstanding image quality. Functionally, it is very similar to the previously tested Canary All-in-One. The surveillance camera which does not recognize faces but has a loud built-in siren. But, that feature is missing in Welcome. However, Netatmo’s camera can activate the separately available alarm siren of this brand in an emergency.

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Alojapp application that makes your stay at hotels more comfortable

Alojapp is a Colombian application that seeks to provide a different experience to guests during their hotel stay. This venture, was born in the minds of a group of young Colombians. Now, already has more than 75,000 registered users and an operation in 24 hotels nationwide.

According to Daniel Forero, CEO of Alojapp, part of the services can be enjoyed by guests enrolled in this application. Those are: to register quickly, receive a personalized welcome by means of a text message or email, check the hotel’s meals menu, request services to the room. Moreover, you can find out about the offer of the place where they are with things. Such as recreation and rest areas, among others.

Guests have not been the only beneficiaries with the implementation of this mobile application. According to Forero , hotels have reported increases in different metrics, thanks to the use of Alojapp in their establishments.

The company figures say that a hotel that uses this application grows on average 93%. This happens in terms of satisfaction to its guests, domestic consumption increases by 80% and its reputation on TripAdvisor improves 77%. For Forero, this makes the service an attractive investment for the hotel industry.

What were the issues they identified when designing the application? Forero says that ” the first is the lack of technology in the area of guest service. We are accustomed to request our addresses and transport through applications that are dedicated to this, but we arrive at the hotel and our cell phone does not have a function. ” Continue reading Alojapp application that makes your stay at hotels more comfortable

iPhone 8: Smart Frankenstein About to Unleash!!!

Even before it hits the market, expectations about the iPhone 8 – as it is known so far – are immense. Much had to see that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus changed very little compared to the model of 2014. The iPhone 6 was a very different design proposal compared to the iPhone 5 and 5S and although the design cycle of Apple pointed to a iPhone 7 novel and purposeful, that was not what the company brought to market.  But since it is the 10th anniversary of Apple, the expectations of the fans and users are sky high this time. Being the leader of smart phone industry Apple is trying to live up to their expectations.

iPhone 8

The features of this authentic smart phone are described below :

Specifications, design and details

o        Three different sizes: 4.7 (or 5), 5.5 and 5.8 inches;

o        OLED display;

o        Crystal back housing;

o        Digital crown similar to iWatch.

iPhone 8If one reads all the rumours that have left the iPhone 8 of 2017 would think that Apple has in hands the first telephone Frankenstein. Rumour has pointed to everything; from a glass body to a curved screen and total flexibility.

One of the most recurring rumours talks about a curved or flexible OLED screen that brings the iPhone 8 closer to the avant-garde design that Samsung has driven with its Galaxy Edge models (like the Samsung Galaxy S8and Galaxy S8 Plus ). This has advanced from straight sides and angles to a more round and ergonomic design. However, the iPhone 8 curve is not expected to be as steep as the Galaxy S7 Edge, but could be up to 5.8 inches .

However, this does not mean that the sizes of the devices have to increase. Similarly,  several sources claimed that the screen of the new iPhone 8 will be deployed from edge to edge.  On top of which a bezel will contain several sensors and for this we will not see the start button. Continue reading iPhone 8: Smart Frankenstein About to Unleash!!!

Artificial Intelligence – A Future of Exponential Growth

In the recent future, the advancement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence should occur exponentially, with a similar impact to the Internet and mobile computing.

The Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is the combination of techniques and algorithms that are intended to create machines that share the same capabilities as human beings, as logical reasoning, presentation of knowledge, planning, natural language processing, perception and intelligence.

Siri, Apple’s social network Pinterest and photos of Google, are examples of applications that already use Artificial Intelligence.

In the coming years, the adoption of this technology should happen exponentially, whether for personal or business use, having a similar impact to the Internet and mobile computing.

“Just as the Internet has revolutionized many industries, we believe that Artificial Intelligence will transform the way many companies operate, in addition to the impacts it will bring on various aspects of our personal lives. Possibly we will not see a single application or process that does not take advantage of this technology, making it probably the biggest technological revolution today, “says Vicente Goetten, director of TOTVS Labs.

The following are eight practical applications of technology in different market segments: Continue reading Artificial Intelligence – A Future of Exponential Growth

The ultimate future on wheels: changes that will lead to the arrival of the autonomous vehicle

Technology is changing the way we relate to other people and our environment and much more, but this time we will focus on the automotive sector. The autonomous vehicle has driven an innovation process that goes far beyond technological evolution and will directly affect the territory and society. The consequences of its implementation, says a study carried out by the ThinkHub Foundation of the Pathways,are as promising as uncertain, as there are key questions such as “the incidence of the autonomous vehicle in the consumption of energy, employment and land use, and such as how people will take up the change and at what speed the transition will take place.”

Apart from these issues, what is clear is that important changes are taking place that should not be ignored. “The better prepared you are, the better you can tackle the challenges and take advantage of opportunities, both in your own mobility and the negative effects of the current transport model, accelerating, for example, its mandatory decarbonization. The automotive vehicle opens up numerous opportunities for civil engineering – especially in terms of the equipping of communication routes and the planning and coordination of mobility – with implications for the transport of people and goods, cities and territory, road safety, the labor market, energy consumption and regulation,” the report explains. Continue reading The ultimate future on wheels: changes that will lead to the arrival of the autonomous vehicle