Google unveils the new Operating System: Android Oreo

Google never hides its roots and always expresses its love for science. The search engine has taken advantage of the total solar eclipse that today has lived USA to renew Android. The eighth version of its mobile and tablet engine, Android O, whose name has been long rumored and finally confirmed as Android Oreo. It will arrive first of the mobile Píxel and Nexus.

Google maintains the custom of naming its versions with references to sweets or desserts, including KitKat for the K. Its a concession to a trade name that came true after closing an agreement with Nestlé. There was a sign, next to the park of the old factory of Nabisco where these iconic cookies were born.

Android Oreo
Android Oreo

During a meeting in a park in Chelsea neighborhood in New York, Google has highlighted the benefits of this launch with two main axes, security and simplicity of use.

With Google Play Protect, users will have better control of what is installed on their mobile. It can contrast the source code of downloaded programs and decide whether or not they trust. A way to try to curb the growing malware and privacy. Continue reading Google unveils the new Operating System: Android Oreo

In future, the electric car is cheaper per kilometer

In seven years, the electric car is cheaper than a car in which petrol or diesel must be used. Also, by 2035 only electric cars will be available in the market . So, the cars with classic combustion engines will disappear from the street scene. This is what ING’s economic research firm predicts about the advance of the electric car.

“The development of batteries for those cars is now very fast,” says economist Max Erich of ING. “They get a lot cheaper and you can drive longer. This is very important for the consumer if he is able to purchase an electric car. At an action range of 400 to 500 kilometers and more, it becomes interesting and that is really coming true now.”

electric car is cheaper
the electric car is cheaper per kilometer

Trendsetter Tesla took the first cars of his new model 3 last week.  This is a cheaper variant, but it is still expected to cost between 30,000 and 35,000 euros. Also Opel advertised the Opel Ampera-E as affordable electric car, but it still costs more than 40,000 euros. 

Purchase price

“At the purchase price, electric cars can not compete for the moment,” says ING economist Erich. “But when it comes to cost-per-kilometer, electric cars are cheaper than petrol or diesel cars from 2024. This calculation includes depreciation, charging, maintenance and repairs.”So,comparing the purchase price electric car is not cheaper but in terms of cost per/km electric car is cheaper than the rest.

The basic advantage of such technology is, electric car is cheaper per kilometer. According to ING, the cost per kilometer is becoming increasingly important. “Because we expect more and more people to lease, as private as well, and together, car sharing seems to be getting more popular, and then the purchase price is less interesting. We think Europe’s sales are fully electric around 2035.”


Since the previous week, the pioneer has rolled out the first Tesla Model 3 tires, which will soon be delivered to the first American customers. Cost about 31,000 euros. Covers 350 km on a full battery.


With the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe, two cars on the market that allow you to drive 200 to 300 kilometers with full battery. In September, the new Leaf comes with a larger range. Nissan is already well-wired without cable.


Want to make all new models only in electric or semi-electrical versions since 2019. Continue reading In future, the electric car is cheaper per kilometer

Healthier environment and Efficient use of energy

The technological evolution in the world is accelerating toward healthier environment and efficient use of energy. So, the field of application going wide and driving us toward a green world.

This has now became a shared goal for all the countries, regardless to their limitation of resources to ensure a clean and healthy environment with proper management of energy.

efficient use of energy and healthier environment

1 . Breakthrough of battery technology

One of the companies that is in the spotlight with battery technology is the American Tesla. The company of Elon Musk is mostly known by the same name:  electric car. Here, the battery is a crucial component partly because, it has a high share in the cost of the car. But Tesla is just as well a battery and a car manufacturer today. It builds it’s own battery factory in the Nevada desert. Again recently, the company also announced its latest development in the so-called home battery: the Powerwall 2.

In combination with their innovative sun roof, Tesla can say that every house makes off grid. The solar panels are fully integrated in the roof structure and almost visible.  The battery technology will be crucial in the coming years and that’s definitely not just a story of Tesla. Thus, Yet Ming Chiang, professor of material science at the MIT, founded 24M Technologies. His company is working on a more efficient way of producing lithium-ion batteries. The production time of these new batteries would be 80 percent lower and the cost would decrease by half.

2. Healthier environment through new biological materials

Also in the coming years, a lot of research will take place on new biological materials. A good example of our contraction- across the border in Dutch Limburg – is the Chemelot Campus, which describes itself as a “chemical and materials community”. Scientists from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany are researching on bio materials.

An interesting company in this field is the Dutch Avantium, a spin-off of Shell.The biochemical company develops and produces PEF. It is a renewable material on a vegetable basis. PEF can eventually replace the environmentally friendly PET, which is now being used everywhere for plastic bottles. Currently, Avantium is  building a production facility in the Antwerp region together with BASF.

3 – Energy management through the internet or things

Futurocité is an organization in Wallonia for some projects relating to mobile technology, the environment and energy. Thus, the organization, using external partners, charts energy consumption in public buildings of cities and municipalities. This job is done by using sensors and the mobile network – the so-called internet or things. They collect all kinds of data such as indoors outside temperature, energy consumption, air quality and whether or not people are present in the building. Thus, they found ‘About one fifth of the energy supply in public buildings is wasted. -‘FUTUROCITÉ

Futurocité is just one example that shows that smart-building projects and measurements make a big savings. The target is not only measuring, but also controlling power management. According to Futurocité, about one fifth of the energy supply in public buildings is wasted,

4 – Electricity generated by human body

Thermo electric materials that can convert heat to electricity have been in existence for a long time. But so far, they are mostly focused on the gadget sphere. Such as a MP3 player or mobile phone that can be charged with body heat (a bit extra).  But the question is how can you make the conversion of heat to electricity more efficient? In Germany, significant quantities of electricity are being generated from human heat.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute developed an unique circuit. This circuit requires only a limited amount of energy (200 millivolts) to extract energy from the temperature differences between the human body and its environment.

5 – Renewable and green energy

Initiatives on renewable and new energy forms, such as earth and residual heat are being set up in Leuven. For example, a project on shallow geothermal energy (Earth heat) runs on the Jansenius and Duchy sites. It is about cooling and heating of new construction combined with heat-power coupling. Therefore, the industrial area in the Leuvense Vaartkom is again an important cluster of heat kits, using residual heat and heat recovery.

50% The production time of the new lithium-ion battery would be 80 % lower and the cost would decrease by half.

6 – Reuse of CO 2

A climate change strategy is simply reusing CO 2 : Carbon Capture & Utilization in the jargon. The Flemish research organization VITO develops biological and biochemical processes that support this process. One example is their CO 2 MPASS project, which converts CO 2  and hydrogen with bacteria and enzymes into raw materials for plastic. In bioelectrochemical processes, bacteria convert CO 2  with electrical current into organic acids and alcohols. Such as acetate or ethanol. VITO developed patented electrodes, which are required to deliver the flow to this process.

7 – Electricity from plants

The Department of Environmental Technology of the Dutch Wageningen University has developed a technology. This new technology generates electricity from living plants. So, as soon as the plant is optimized, the researchers will produce 10 to 28 kWh per square meter per year.

The innovation is being commercialized through the Plant-e company. They want to roll out technology globally. Meanwhile, an installation has been built in Dutch Brabant, which demonstrates that this technology can also generate large-scale power.

8 – Smart (hatch) greenhouses

In The Netherlands, the Greenhouse of the future is working on environment and energy-friendly greenhouses. Mostly, these greenhouses are intended for the production of flowers and vegetables. Those are designed to store energy in warm periods, which can flow back to the mains. Initially, it was primarily intended to use energy as efficiently as possible. Finally, the greenhouses became technically so advanced and efficient that flower and vegetable growers today generate a significant part of Dutch flow. Meanwhile, large companies like Philips are investing in these efficient greenhouses.

9 – Smart daylight domes

The company EcoNation from Ghent was awarded two years ago at the climate summit in Peru. For being one of the most promising green technology companies. The company pioneered the development, production and installation of smart light domes. Something that replace artificial light through daylight. In the domes there is a mirror that directs to the optimal light point through a sensor and collects the daylight. This is reflected inwards, filtered and strengthened, after which it is dispersed in the building. Consequence? Artificial light is no longer needed for a long time.

“In Germany, we try to generate significant amounts of energy from human heat.”

10 – Parts of energy

Perhaps the most sympathetic project from this list. About three years ago, teacher Marc Bellinkx founded the project ‘Kontich Stream’. It even retrieved the famous TEDx Talks. The reason? The power that Bellinkx generated through his solar panels, should he not deliver to his neighbor. Kontich Stream wants to establish a civilian energy park, which is inspired by the Dutch solar panel initiative, Nl. Citizens could invest in this project of solar energy.

That’s not how it is. Bellinkx also attracted one of the first of the teachings against the capital injection of the Chinese State Grid in network operator Eandis. Successfully, because the deal eventually ended.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8, everything we know so far

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the newest addition of the Note series. Now a days, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep the secrets before launching a new product in the  tech industry.  As because they have a huge number of fan followings, so the rumors often reach to the sky. Moreover, there is always this idea that perhaps a convenient filtering will serve to fuel hype. But the truth is that as we approach the launch of certain devices rumors and leaks are shooting and is a good time to collect everything we know of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Since in June we began to know some details as the price. We have been observing possible leaks on features and design until in fact recently. The well-known filtering Evan Blass (Evleaks) released one of his bombs (with quite good timing,).  The features about the front, the battery and even the measurements are already roaming around the net. So, we do a compilation of  facts about what we expect to see in a few weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung Galaxy Note 8, technical specifications to be confirmed:


                                          Technical characteristics-
 Physical dimensions                                             162.5 x 74.6 x 8.5 mm
Screen                                               Superamoled 6.3 inch  with ratio 18.5:9
Resolution                                                                   2,960 x 1,440 pixels
Processor Exynos                                                    8895/Snapdragon 835
RAM                                                                                             6/8 GB
 Memory                                                                       64/256 GB(MicroSD slot)
SOFTWARE version                                               Android 7.0 with TouchWiz
Rear cameras                                  12 megapixel main with f/1.7 and                                                                                Telephoto x 2 with aperture f/2.4 (OIS)
 Front camera                                                             8 megapixel with f/1.7
Battery                                              3,300 mah (non-removable), fast charge
Extra Features                               iris recognition, fingerprint reader
Price                                                                              1177.69 USD/999 euros


If the good works to stay (but also stay the regular)

The front of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + has taken many good reviews (and the fascination of who writes after having tried) and rightly: a fusion of sobriety in design with a use of the front by the screen of 83.6% , and moving the fingerprint reader to the back. And if something goes well  then it’s better to keep, they must have considered. Because according to Evleaks, front structure will remain the same in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Starting from here, are two things to talk about: The screen and the button transfer. As for the first, apparently it will be a super AMOLED screen with ratio 18.5:9 and 2,960 x 1,440 pixels resolution. Those attributes are less than their cousins, but 6.3 inches. screen which is  0.1 inch more than the larger Galaxy S8 (and 0.6 more than the Note 7) embedded in a chassis of 162.5 x 74.6 millimeters and 8.5 millimeters thick.

The curve was reaffirmed as a sine qua non condition in terms of the high range of Koreans when we saw that there was no trace of flat version in the S8. Apparently, in Note 8 also this feature is identical. It will be missing to see if TouchWiz brings some novelty in terms of functions with respect to the existing. But the brand of the house also be maintained in the Samsung S-Pen.

The Note 8 would include a 6.3 inch super AMOLED screen and the fingerprint reader in the same position as the Galaxy S8:

The not so positive part of the S8 was the location of the fingerprint sensor. It shares the site with the camera and not being anything intuitive and comfortable as discussed in the analysis of Enlazábamos before. That would be repeat in the Note 8, taking into account the highest height. Therefore,  it has to cover greater distance by the finger that unlocks,  seeing that there is also everything (camera (s), flash, sensors and reader) within a black frame unlike S8 (and aesthetically something less atra Ctivo).

Power to tread on the heels of the competition

If we leave aside the superficial to focus on what will move the next flagship of Samsung,  we will see that there will be no exception than the usual trend of releasing two versions for different countries  by the manufacturer. The bet would be the same as we have seen in its predecessors, IE version with the home processor Exynos 8895 and with the Snapdragon 835.

Accompanying the SoC there will be 6 GB of RAM memory and 64 GB of storage memory with the possibility to extend with MicroSD card.  The minimum of RAM would be out of time the 4 GB that we saw in the previous (although the S8 + had version with 6 GB) as well. But, remaining at the height of the OnePlus 5 among others, although this also exists already with 8 GB.

The option of 64 GB and the 6 GB would not be the only available option, Although the availability would depend on the geography as it happens with the processor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It does not seem that the option of 64 GB and the 6 GB is the only one that will exist. But in case of the processor the availability would depend on geography. The version with 256 GB of internal memory would be available in Korea only and there would be a special version with 8 GB of RAM (called the “Emperor”).

There, would be a battery of 3,300 mah, which is somewhat below the S8 + (3,500 mah). Although perhaps the attention here is more in a good design and manufacture than in the milliamps/hour precedents. But it is not too encouraging that the number is inferior when we talk about something  that creates more value in terms of the expected autonomy.

The S-Pen, also claims excellence of this terminal. Seems like it has also renewals at the phase of new functions. Example of this are the translation of complete phrases or the conversion of different currencies, This will take place without commenting on the design or on its insertion in the terminal.

Two eyes see more than two: they “confirm” suspicions

At the time that the double camera was based as a trend with some manufacturers such as LG and Huawei and after Apple that caught attention with its application of the portrait mode, came the top of the range of Samsung 2017 with a single sensor on its back.

Something strange, while the manufacturer later published in the form of tweet just saying that the double rear camera was something they were working on and the looks revealed in a premiere with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The leaks “confirm” this idea, which would respond to two possible factors and strategies. On one hand they have had more time to observe (to the competition) and to act, as well as to improve the operation or the possibility of installing newer and more powerful sensors. And on the other there is an important claim beyond the S-Pen for a phone.

Apparently it will be two sensors of 12 megapixel Isosceles Dual, with a lens with aperture f/1.7 and wide-angle and another second lens, Telephoto x 2, with aperture f/2.4, both with optical image stabilization. A configuration similar to the one we saw on Apple’s IPhone 7 Plus that makes shooting our imagination and ramblings to a possible portrait mode.

On the other hand, the front chamber has also leaked data, talking about a  8 megapixel sensor with auto focus and aperture f/1.7 **. There is no update about the app yet, but there are expectations that there will be many changes and will keep the options we already saw in the previous terminals. Such as, shooting modes and options “beauty” and masks for the front.

The smartphone of the 1,000 euros

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available in three colors: Blue (Deep Sea blue), grey (Orchid grey) and black (we do not know the commercial name) . The price will be around 1,000 euros for the European market and its sale would be in September. It has already presented later than last year and approaching a bit more to the launch of one of its rivals, Apple’s  new phone.

On this in Sammobile they talked about the start of the sale on September 15th. So, the reserve period would be somewhat shorter than in the previous version of the Note, being this one from the 1st to the 10th of September.

The date of the presentation was aimed at this same month and before the IFA 2017, specifically on August 23 in new York. We will keep an eye on what you are saying about the brand, waiting for confirmation or announcement of the event in particular.

Thanks a lot for reading my article on  Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  Hope this article provides enough information that you were looking for. The writing also includes some comparative statements. This might help you choose the best brand that suits your requirements.

The effects of video games on the brain

The effects of video games on our health and behavior have been studied for years. Some researchers indicate that this type of activity improves short-term visual memory and coordination between sight and hands. But there are those who are looking for negative consequences of this activity.

A group of researchers from the University of Montreal and McGill University in Canada have published a study in which they have come to a curious conclusion about it. It says , playing action games like Call of Duty reduces the amount of gray matter in your hippo campus , while playing Super Mario type games makes that amount of gray matter grow. But the twist is, there is no danger in either one or another case.effects of video games

In this article  I am going to discuss about the negative and positive   effects of video games on our psychological health:

Less gray matter in the hippo campus

Researchers first studied the brain of 33 regular players who spent 19 hours a week playing action-type games like Call of Duty. Then they asked other 43 people to invest 90 hours for 10 weeks for playing both action and  games like Super Mario in a controlled testing environment.

After these tests they carried out the study by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and discovered that those who played those 19 hours a week average had less gray matter in the hippo campus than those who did not play video games.effects of video gamesAfter the tests with the second test confirmed these signs. But also those who played video games like Super Mario ended up gaining gray matter in their hippo campus.

Don’t let the alarms skip, the thing is not so much

Simone Kuhn, professor of neuronal plasticity at the Hamburg-Eppendorf Clinical University in Germany, said that these players should not worry: “I would never interpret these discoveries as a critical warning against action games.”

One of the reasons could be the designs of those action games. That is, the presence of the traditional over impressed maps on screen makes players not have to use their hippo campus memory system to navigate those maps.

For this expert, in these games the caudate nucleus  is used instead of the hippo campus. Caudate nucleus is part of the system of rewards of the brain: “It is as if your brain worked on autopilot,” he explained.

Those responsible for the study, indicated that if they had to recommend a type of video games to someone “would be one of 3d platforms or a game of logical puzzles.” “There is clear evidence that these games can be beneficial to the brain.”

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The use of the 3D printer is unanimous


What was heavily underexposed in the hoist around the home-printed gun, is the use of  the 3D printer on almost all areas that do not have weapons.

Now that a functional weapon has been created using a 3D printer for the first time. So, everyone seems to be concerned about criminal applications of this technology. However, the power of three-dimensional printing in other areas is much less waking.

use of the 3D Printer

It was like world news, In USA, law student and gun fan Cody Wilson managed to manufacture a fully functional gun using the power of the 3D printer negatively. When he threw the source files on the internet, the fence was completely from the dam. From now on, anyone with some computer knowledge and access to a 3D printer from home from his own weapon factory could begin.

The news led to distressed comments in the newspapers and on the Internet. Afterwards, those same newspapers tried to make us feel comfortable.

The conventional law in any civilized country prohibits the “manufacture of prohibited weapons”  without prior authorization. But the argument that still remains infinitely much easier to get weapons in the black circuit for the time being was still safe. Discussion closed and on to something else, it seemed.

However, what was heavily underexposed in the hoist around the home-printed gun, is the power of the 3D printer. Which is almost on all areas that do not have weapons.

3D in the living room

Three-dimensional printing may have been used for almost thirty years in industry, yet the application in other areas still sounds like future music in the ears for many people. However, the question is not whether we will soon have access to the design and printing of our own objects. But when technology will truly break into the living room.

It all sounds very appealing. For example, if your washing machine filters the mind, just browse the manufacturer’s website to download the matching 3D model. Then print a new filter. That seems to be a great idea in a way that the consumer can only benefit from. Nevertheless, in practice, an important issue arises soon: the copyright.

Unique element

In the Benelux, anyone who wishes to have a three-dimensional design can register under the so-called model of designs. A prerequisite for this is that it is about a new product. For example, if anyone tries to patent the wheel, it will most probably take bone. The boundary of what may or may not, however, is difficult to draw. If you measure yourself the broken table leg of your IKEA side table, imitate a 3D program and print it yourself, you are in your right. That’s exactly the same as someone who buys a wooden bar from the hardware shop and then drops to the right length. It is only when an object contains a unique element, that there may be intellectual property.

However, it will soon become much easier to copy unique, complex objects themselves. The question then is whether it would be useful to protect them. For example, in the fashion industry, there is only exclusivity on the brand logo, not on the design of the item itself. Nevertheless, the fashion houses do not suffer so much while copying their pieces. It is the buyer to do the originality. This view could also cut wood in the model right.

The use of the 3D printer for creating weapons will not change the world. A restriction to criminal applications would harm the technology. All other conceivable objects may, however, make a difference.

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Sony will re manufacture vinyl discs!!

Sony will re manufacture vinyl discs, after they have been abandoned for 28 years. During the explosion of retro products, Sony is the new example that shows us that this ‘ trend ‘ is growing significantly. Also, Sony is shaping up to maintain this rhythm and even to increase it, in the coming years.

Nintendo and it’s retro consoles and the increase in sales of cassettes are just a few examples that this retro fashion has resurrected. Instead, it can be termed as the ‘ fad ‘ and is rapidly transforming into a trend.

Already, this trend is generating millions of dollars of turnover each year. Sony has noticed this and have decided to reopen a factory to produce vinyl discs again.

vinyl discs

A fashion that is no longer fashionable

According to information obtained by Agence France-Presse, Sony is already preparing a new factory located in southwestern Tokyo. There they will start manufacturing vinyl records from March 2018, a business that was abandoned in 1989 after sales. They fell to the arrival of the CDs.

It is not yet confirmed which type of vinyl will be manufactured by Sony. But the information mention that it will be traditional Japanese music discs as well as some contemporary titles.

Vinyl Discs

According to some data, only in 2016 the sale of vinyls  reached a historical maximum for a total of 3.2 million of discs. It was a sales volume that was not generated and recorded since 1991. This statistics mean an increase of 53% vis-a-vis the sales during 2015. Also, noteworthy is that in 2015 the sales of vinyl records obtained more benefits than Spotify Free, YouTube and VEVO together.

Faced with these amazing numbers, Sony has decided to re-enter this business. Some other big and traditional players of this industry has already initiated to enter again in this business. Such as the British HMV chain. HMV has re-opened its store in Shibuya, Japan, a store that currently has 60% dedicated to this Format.

It is also said that Sony is now looking for engineers who know how to manufacture quality vinyls. Since there are  only a few people specializing in this market.

On the other hand, other manufacturers from the  relevant fields are also expected to announce plans to enter this business in response to the movement of Sony.

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World’s most powerful wind turbine will be higher than the Empire State Building!

The world’s most powerful wind turbine will be higher than the Empire State Building and more flexible than a palm tree. This is  certainly a revolutionary progress in the production of renewable energy.

Let’s start with the figures: 500 meters high, 200 meters per blade and a capacity of 50 megawatts. The SUMR project of the University of Virginia is still developing, but it marks the keys to where wind power is going: towards the construction of ever-larger giants.

Because the race to build the world’s largest and most powerful wind turbine is not only a matter of megalomania, but also the search for technologies that can maximize the potential of Earth’s winds. A search that will allow us to see incredible things.

most powerful wind turbine

Faster, taller, stronger

The great challenge of renewable energies is to improve its price, its production capacity and its efficiency. In the case of wind power that happens by creating larger turbines. And so we have done it. The turbines are already bigger than 20 years ago.

But if we want to make the most of the most constant and powerful sea winds, we need higher turbines and more “sweeping area” (the circular area covered by the blades). In fact, as discussed in the latest issue of Wind Energy, the relationship is not linear. It means, if the blade length is folded, the capacity can grow up to four times.

A mammoth wind technology

The answer to this (and the next step in this way) is called SUMR. It’s a project coordinated by the University of Virginia that works to design the turbine of the 50 megawatts. To do so, they work with structures that bend to the largest turbines today and that surpass in height buildings like the Empire State Building.

This turbine also has some design changes. Instead of three blades it has two located on the rear of the turbine. Usually fewer blades would make the turbine less efficient. But the calculations of the equipment show that the new design allows balancing efficiency, structural weight and costs with this design.

They are also designed to be located more than 80 km from the coast where the winds are more intense. So question is where SUMR presents its greatest innovation. The answer is the blades are flexible. The design has been inspired by the palm trees and according to their calculations they could withstand winds over 253 kilometers.

After the industrial design, the engineering challenge

However, there are still many problems to solve before starting the first turbine. Most of them are due to their real construction (raising a mole of 500 meters in height to 80 km of the coast is nothing simple).

In the next two years, the SUMR team is going to build ever-larger prototypes to test a wind technology. If that succeeds, it will have the potential to revolutionize the world of renewable energy.

Thanks a lot for your time. Hope you have enjoyed reading my article about the world’s most powerful wind turbine.

The Microsoft 5th Generation Surface Pro

The Microsoft 5th generation surface pro, the new edition of the Surface Pro series looks like two drops of water on the fourth generation of this 2-in-1 laptop / tablet. We searched for what is new, besides the high price.

According to market researcher IDC, 14.3 percent will sell more tablets with removable keyboard until 2021 on an annual basis. That market of detachables or 2-in-1s is the only one that grows in the computer market. Ordinary tablets lose out and desktops and laptops stagnate .

Microsoft 5th generation surface pro
Microsoft 5th generation surface pro

Perhaps that’s why Microsoft will finish out with a new tablet with removable keyboard after two years. The new Surface Pro looks like the fourth generation of Surface Pro 4 from 2015. But is no longer a number. It’s just “Surface Pro” or “New Surface Pro” or “Surface Pro 2017”.


The 12.3-inch PixelSense touchscreen changed nothing against the Surface Pro 4. It has a pixel density of 267 ppi (2736 x 1824 pixels in a 3: 2 aspect ratio). That’s 24 percent more sharp than the third generation and that’s what you really see. The high resolution results in smaller screen letters. That is why the Windows 10 resolution is set to 200% by default.

The new Surface Pro is also delivered directly with the Windows 10 Creators Update, so it’s ready for use quickly. (But from mid-October, you will have to download a major update again . Because then the next update of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, will be released with support for mixed-reality headsets.)

The silver-colored magnesium chassis is retained  and the kickstand or movable cover with which you turn the tablet upside down remains adjustable. Therefore, place the screen part in any desired tilt position. The tablet can now use something more flat, Thanks to the 165 degree Studio Mode. This feature is intended for use with the separate pen.

The optional, but indispensable signature type cover keyboard quickly and easily snaps to the underside of the tablet magnetically. This happens with a nodule. So it tends to be closer to the screen than to the second generation Surface Pro keyboard and is also slightly tilted. This chick let keyboard types smoothly, but the quality fades with that of a ‘plain’ keyboard.

The keyboard is illuminated, but the  fingerprint sensor of the 4th-generation keyboard has disappeared . Instead, you can now use the front and back webcams to log in through Windows 10 Hello Authentication. The keyboard adds 310g to the weight of the tablet, which weighs slightly lighter than the fourth generation (770g for our Core i5 version tested).

By default, the Surface Pro 4 included an active Bluetooth stylus. In future, this is optional, but the new Surface Pen has four times more pressure levels (4,096 in total). This works much more accurately than before. The AAA battery is sufficient for a one-year pen autonomy.

The new Surface Pro is available with three different 7 the  generation Intel Core CPUs. The version with mobile Intel Core i7-7660U has another fan. But with our Core i5-7300U version, it’s missing, just like the Core m3-7Y30 variant. Both of these designs are therefore really whispering.

The connections are limited to one usb 3.0 type-a port and one mini display port. It’s a bit odd that Microsoft still did not build a usb type-c, let alone a Thunderbolt port.

The 12.3-inch PixelSense touchscreen changed nothing against the Surface Pro 4. It has a pixel density of 267 ppi (2736 x 1824 pixels in a 3: 2 aspect ratio). That’s 24 percent more sharp than the third generation and that’s what you really see. The high resolution results in smaller screen letters. Which is why the Windows 10 resolution is set to 200% by default.

You can expand the limited number of connections with an optional Surface Base Station that has three USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a 3.5mm audio input / output. Also, a mini DisplayPort video exit and a security lock slot.

The battery is more efficient than in the previous generation, according to Microsoft, until 13.5 hours. Continue reading The Microsoft 5th Generation Surface Pro

FIFA 18 Vs PES 18- frontal clash begun

FIFA 18 Vs PES 18 : one of the biggest controversy for the game lovers this year. The football match between the sagas of EA Sports and Konami started last September 12 through a frontal clash between both companies: on the one hand the launch of ‘PES 2018 ‘ two days ahead of schedule, for another’ FIFA 18 ‘advanced its demo three days.

As we have said on more than one occasion, both games are based on experiences that are somewhat complementary: ‘PES’ knows how to make better individual or passer-by performance and ‘FIFA’ allows for better ball dominance and strategies team up. But we are not going to fool ourselves.  At the end of the day, visual section is an added plus that weighs, like it or not.

FIFA 18 Vs PES 18
FIFA 18 Vs PES 18

The comparison of Candyland is a perfect example of how each game unfolds. Although the animations of ‘FIFA 18’ are more energetic and the stadiums are much more alive. But, it is also necessary to recognize that the faces have been scanned of the players in ‘PES 2018’ are simply spectacular.

With the final version of one and the playable advancement of the other ahead, in VidaExtra we want to contrast the technical section of both games. Also, both Konami and EA have had a year ahead to surprise us. Moreover,the engines FOX and Frostbite give a lot of game.

Two factors that are still better reflected in the benchmark of the analyst of Bits. Thanks to its more detailed plans of the players and the comparison of repetitions in slow motion.

On the other hand, RajmanGaming HD focuses on is facial appearance of the Real Madrid squad. A team that will be present in ‘PES 2018’ but will not have the name, shield or official equipment.  Because, it reflects the work of Konami with unlicensed clubs and media presence . That yes, in this case, ‘FIFA 18’ wins the game.

At the time of playing and taking into account that in both titles we can adjust the angle of the camera. We will see how EA fulfills its promise to offer much more lively fields. Both the stands and the grass are closer to what we expect to see in this generation and the players are subtly more defined.

It should be noted that it is not possible to adjust the chronological conditions in the ‘FIFA 18’ demo. But the stands or perspective from within are very different between the two proposals. Continue reading FIFA 18 Vs PES 18- frontal clash begun