solar energy ‘surpasses all forecasts and expectations’


Solar energy ‘continues to surpass all forecasts and expectations. It stands at 6 cents kilowatt-hour. In 2011, the US Department of Energy launched the SunShot Initiative, which sought to drastically reduce photo voltaic energy prices by 2020. This week, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has confirmed that 85 % of 2020 targets . Among them the most important is the ‘price’.


Today, in Kansas City (the place that is taken as the average reference in the United States because it has the average number of hours of sunlight in the country) kilowatt-hour has been placed at 6 cents. Therefore, without government subsidies that reduce the cost of the panels even more. In fact, this figure was calculated taking into account real cases and market prices .



Photovoltaic Energy

solar energy

The Photo voltaic energy is the natural resource that, through the application of technology, can be exploited industrially. The term also refers to the ability to transform or put something into motion.

It is known as photo voltaic energy. Therefore, the type of electricity (electric energy) that is obtained directly from the rays of the sun or solar energy. Thanks to the quantum photo-detection of a device. The photo voltaic energy allows to produce electricity for distribution networks, to supply isolated houses and to feed all type of apparatuses.



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Root the mobile: so you can customize it to measure

Root the mobile: so you can customize it to measure’- in this article, I am going to tell you what rooting is for. Rooting is a process that offers more freedom to the user for doing things in the Operating System. But is complex and involves many risks.

Root the mobile, means:

Rooting is the process of gaining total access to everything in the operating system and those permissions allow you to change it all. Root, can be called the superuser. Our Android devices use Linux permissions and file-system ownership. We are an user when we log in and we are allowed to do certain things according to our user permissions. Root is also an user. The difference is the root user (superuser) has total access to do anything to any particular file at any place in the system. For an example, uninstalling application forced on us by the developers or the sellers. Also, things we are unwilling to do can put our Android programs in a corrupted state. But, when we are doing things with superuser permissions, we have the power to change anything.

root the mobile
root the mobile

Process of Rooting

The mobiles leave the factory with an installed configuration. Also, have an operating system in a combination that the manufacturer has tailor made and with great care. In theory, this marriage is best suited to exploit to the maximum what the terminal offers. But, this is defended Apple layer with its iPhone,. It is an armored mobile with limited configuration options by the user. On the other hand Android, when it comes to customizing the platform, it gives something more of a broad sleeve to the user. However, both platforms touch the same ceiling in the customization range: the one determined by the manufacturer.

However, the bravest can penetrate into warmer waters by rooting. A process by which superuser permissions are acquired to access the deepest part of the mobile and configure it at will. Thanks to this process, we can remove programs from the system. Also, we can install customized versions of the operating system (known as ROMS). The concept of rooting essentially refers to Android devices. Although iPhone owners will find some comfort in the familiar jailbreak. But, both are not exactly the same. The big question is why rooter a device?

Functions on demand

Those who defend rooting explain that they get more personalization of the equipment eliminating unnecessary programs and adding functions à la carte. Carrying out this procedure allows the user to remove from the game known as bloatware or software that arrives preinstalled in the device. Already  occupying space and resources. This is one of the most critical that has been done by certain manufacturers and operators. Those who make a root will be able to choose better performance of the processor. They can force the machinery in certain situations or to slow it down saving battery. This procedure also allows to make total backups of the device. Nevertheless, for lovers of the exclusive, an extreme personalization of the device.

However, this procedure is risky.  On the one hand, it is most likely that the warranty of the terminal is lost and on the other, it runs the risk of damaging it definitively. In addition, it is not a procedure available to anyone: “We lose security”, explains Fernando Álvarez del Vayo, editor in chief of El Androide Libre . He also points out that this is a practice in disuse. “As Google improves its system and devices its features the need to make root access to an Android mobile, or a tablet, it decreases a lot.” The root it would recommend, in this way, advanced users and driven by a real need to do so. Something increasingly less given the evolution of Android devices.

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Six functions in the Samsung Galaxy S8

Every day we are closer to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. There are so many of its leaks that possibly, not surprising the day is its official presentation. Large screens powerful processor and design without frames are the features that stand out. But expect much more interesting functions. Some inherited from previous devices and we could even say ‘recovered’ from other Galaxy models. Here are six of our most anticipated.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Iris scanner

This feature and included the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it seems that the Galaxy S8 also incorporated. It is a very simple way and even safer to unlock the device. Use our iris which is unique. The way of unlocking can be faster. Just pushing the terminal closer to the face would unlock. A useful feature and you could not miss on the Galaxy S8. Continue reading Six functions in the Samsung Galaxy S8

Mobile applications you had not imagined

A mobile is much more than a cold bright display apparatus. This is our faithful companion in the day that device that never leaves you if your battery begins to threaten us and has to resort to saving mode. It accompanies us through thick and thin. In the event in which they have left us planted and we turn to slide so melancholy thumb Instagram. Also in most intimate moments, which took the library of games, while we sat on something that many call throne?


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Tips Every The apple company TV Owner

With Siri, a good app shop, and the touchscreen remote control, it is not any longer simply for Apple fans. However, a few of the coolest features and many useful functions could possibly get lost if you do not know they’re available. Here would be the top 10 methods for taking advantage of your Apple Company TV.

Tips Every The apple company TV Owner

Obtain granular along with Siri.

Apple’s electronic assistant becomes the best retriever whenever paired using the Apple television. It not just can discover shows as well as movies you want, it may understand contextual queries. Press the actual microphone button about the remote as well as say “Find Shiny Damon comedies as well as Siri may return more information on movies. Continue reading Tips Every The apple company TV Owner