Now, you can prevent MailTrack from detecting whether you have read or unread the emails that you were sent. MailTrack is an application that lets you know if the recipient have read an email that you sent. It is sort of a double confirmation or  check like WhatsApp but applicable to your email. It is really useful for those who send the mail. But it can be a headache as well if you want to read an email without letting the person know who has sent it to you.



That’s why today we’re going to tell you how to prevent someone from knowing that you’ve read an email using MailTrack . In order to do so, you will have to use PixelBlock. It is a Chrome extension that works in Gmail. So, if you are waiting for more solutions then you have to use Google services to take advantage of this method.

What the application does is, it block attempts to track your activity in emails that make applications like MailTrack. Just install it and that’s it, when you read an email you will be notified in a notification if you have had to block programs of that type.

How to install PixelBlock

All you have to do is enter the official profile of PixelBlock in the Chrome store. Here you will see a description in English of what the application does. On this page, all you have to do is press the Add to Chrome button that you have in blue above right.

Add Extension

When you do, before proceeding to the installation you will see a pop-up window in which you have to give permission upon their request to read the Gmail data. To accept click on the ‘Add Extension’ button and this will start installing automatically in your browser.


You no longer need to do anything else to configure it and it will work without you having to do anything else. From now on, next to the sender of an email will appear a red eye when you have found a tracking program with which this has tried to track if you have opened the mail. When you hover over it it will tell you how many tracking attempts it has avoided and what programs they have used.

You will find the PixelBlock icon at the top right, where the rest of extensions are located. Click on the icon to see different options, such as hiding the icon so you do not bother or uninstall the Chrome extension. You can also go to the extensions manager and have a prompt look on those you have already installed.

Thanks a lot for reading this article. I hope you it was worth of your time….