With all the technological advancements unveiled each day, it comes as no surprise that buying a new phone is often a very expensive undertaking. The truth is that it can cost you thousands if you are not smart about it. With that said, the following are some essential tips on how to save money when shopping for a new phone.

Exercise patience

Avoid rushing out to buy the newest phone model the moment it comes onto the market. This is because simply waiting a while will prevent you from paying extra, which is usually the result of all the hype surrounding the launch of a new phone.

Trade or sell your old phone

Certain phone retailers and carriers will permit you to trade in your old mobile device in exchange for a reduced price on the one you want buy. Another option would be to sell your phone to a friend or family member who may be in need of it and use that money to top off whatever you already have for your new phone.


When buying a new phone, make sure you get what you pay for. This simply means that you should not purchase a device at a very high cost, only to find that you do not need half of the features it has. This would be a waste of money. Go for an item that is practical, contains features that will actually be useful to you, and will not come with huge extra costs such as those associated with unlimited data plans.

Storage needs

The fact is that phones with high storage capacities often tend to cost more. As a result, before you make any purchase, you should carefully consider what you intend to store and install on your new phone. In case, you have other storage options, you can opt to go for a phone that has less space, but is still effective for your needs. Such a move will ensure you save some money on your purchase.