Every day we are closer to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. There are so many of its leaks that possibly, not surprising the day is its official presentation. Large screens powerful processor and design without frames are the features that stand out. But expect much more interesting functions. Some inherited from previous devices and we could even say ‘recovered’ from other Galaxy models. Here are six of our most anticipated.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Iris scanner

This feature and included the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it seems that the Galaxy S8 also incorporated. It is a very simple way and even safer to unlock the device. Use our iris which is unique. The way of unlocking can be faster. Just pushing the terminal closer to the face would unlock. A useful feature and you could not miss on the Galaxy S8.

Assistant Bixby

There has been talk both Bixby, the virtual assistant Galaxy S8 that even though it’s official. But no. Samsung’s next-generation smartphones are likely to incorporate it. According to the latest leaks, Bixby would be smarter than other virtual assistants would and would add very interesting features, which are still unknown. We know that would be based on the Svoice of the previous Galaxy which worked roughly the same. It is missing that Samsung confirm all its news.

Enhanced cameras

There has not been much talk about the cameras of the Galaxy S8 and its functions but we expect a very high improvement in technology and resolution is concerned. Based on the leaks we can rule out the double chamber at the rear although in principle incorporate features worthy of a double sensor and expect it to be so. As for the front camera we expect improvements especially in the quality of the same and the inclusion of different sensors for the approach as had previously been rumored.

Gestures in the fingerprint reader

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will incorporate the fingerprint reader in the back, due to the narrow frames on the front. This gives the possibility that the Korean Samsung add different features such as gestures for notifications, double touches etc. Features that will improve the experience with the fingerprint sensor and that for some will compensate the change of location of the same.

Virtual Reality

No wonder that the Galaxy S8 include compatibility with virtual reality and it seems that the company will add different features to enhance the experience with this device. We expect a screen with different technologies for virtual reality viewer Samsung and improved application with different functions. In addition to a new Gear VR, they could come with a special command.

PC function

This new function had already been spoken long before the waves of leaks began. It is possibly, what else we are waiting for. Through a few simple steps, we could connect our Samsung Galaxy Plus S8 or S8 to a monitor, and launch a kind of application that will turn your device into computer mode. So we can do different functions, which we would not have in the device in addition to being able to do them with a larger screen.

We do not know much more details but we know that Samsung soon will make it official. Tags rumors Samsung Galaxy s8 Ruben is a passionate follower of the universe of smart mobiles. He declares himself as fond of series as addicted to news and coffee. With respect to mobile phones he likes above all those of the green robotic.