Solar energy ‘continues to surpass all forecasts and expectations. It stands at 6 cents kilowatt-hour. In 2011, the US Department of Energy launched the SunShot Initiative, which sought to drastically reduce photo voltaic energy prices by 2020. This week, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has confirmed that 85 % of 2020 targets . Among them the most important is the ‘price’.

Today, in Kansas City (the place that is taken as the average reference in the United States because it has the average number of hours of sunlight in the country) kilowatt-hour has been placed at 6 cents. Therefore, without government subsidies that reduce the cost of the panels even more. In fact, this figure was calculated taking into account real cases and market prices .

Photovoltaic Energy

solar energy

The Photo voltaic energy is the natural resource that, through the application of technology, can be exploited industrially. The term also refers to the ability to transform or put something into motion.

It is known as photo voltaic energy. Therefore, the type of electricity (electric energy) that is obtained directly from the rays of the sun or solar energy. Thanks to the quantum photo-detection of a device. The photo voltaic energy allows to produce electricity for distribution networks, to supply isolated houses and to feed all type of apparatuses.