Sony will re manufacture vinyl discs, after they have been abandoned for 28 years. During the explosion of retro products, Sony is the new example that shows us that this ‘ trend ‘ is growing significantly. Also, Sony is shaping up to maintain this rhythm and even to increase it, in the coming years.

Nintendo and it’s retro consoles and the increase in sales of cassettes are just a few examples that this retro fashion has resurrected. Instead, it can be termed as the ‘ fad ‘ and is rapidly transforming into a trend.

Already, this trend is generating millions of dollars of turnover each year. Sony has noticed this and have decided to reopen a factory to produce vinyl discs again.

vinyl discs

A fashion that is no longer fashionable

According to information obtained by Agence France-Presse, Sony is already preparing a new factory located in southwestern Tokyo. There they will start manufacturing vinyl records from March 2018, a business that was abandoned in 1989 after sales. They fell to the arrival of the CDs.

It is not yet confirmed which type of vinyl will be manufactured by Sony. But the information mention that it will be traditional Japanese music discs as well as some contemporary titles.

Vinyl Discs

According to some data, only in 2016 the sale of vinyls  reached a historical maximum for a total of 3.2 million of discs. It was a sales volume that was not generated and recorded since 1991. This statistics mean an increase of 53% vis-a-vis the sales during 2015. Also, noteworthy is that in 2015 the sales of vinyl records obtained more benefits than Spotify Free, YouTube and VEVO together.

Faced with these amazing numbers, Sony has decided to re-enter this business. Some other big and traditional players of this industry has already initiated to enter again in this business. Such as the British HMV chain. HMV has re-opened its store in Shibuya, Japan, a store that currently has 60% dedicated to this Format.

It is also said that Sony is now looking for engineers who know how to manufacture quality vinyls. Since there are  only a few people specializing in this market.

On the other hand, other manufacturers from the  relevant fields are also expected to announce plans to enter this business in response to the movement of Sony.

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