The small, pillar-shaped  surveillance camera recognizes faces of sixteen people. This surveillance camera is called Netatmo Welcome. This is an all-in-one video surveillance camera with built-in cloud access. Netatmo Welcome reviewed here for many consumers to use a more user-friendly solution than a “normal” ip camera. Thus, to create a cloud camera by installing its own video editing server (usually via post) to target.

You pay more for such a ready-to-use video surveillance solution. But these cameras usually have a more beautiful design than “regular” copies.

surveillance camera recognizes faces
NetatmoWelcome, surveillance camera recognizes faces


The cylindrical all-in-one design of Netatmo Welcome strongly resembles that of Canary previously tested. The champagne-colored Welcome, however, is narrower and lighter. Also, it may seem even less on a video surveillance camera than that of Canary.

You can already discourage this surveillance pile all over the place. There is no restriction on the number of Welcomes in one location. Videos are stored locally on a class 10 microSD memory card of up to 32GB. An 8GB copy is included as standard.


The protected Netatmo cloud only stores screenshots of each video clip. The iOS,  Android and web apps do not save any information themselves. This also applies to the Netatmo Android Wear and Apple Watch apps.

The Netatmo Security app retrieves the timeline of events and the associated screenshots of video clips from the secured cloud. When you click on a screenshot, the app plays the corresponding video. You can also download the clip locally.

Video clips can be sent to a Dropbox or FTP account at the same time, using the standard application of your operating system. Every 24 hours you can also download an automatically compiled video summary.

There are no charges for using the cloud. The same app works with Netatmo outdoor camera presence we tested previously and other intelligent devices of this French company. Such as siren, smoke alarm, waterproof safety sensors, the personal station, the indoor monitor and intelligent thermostat.

There is also the interaction between some of these devices. For example, the Welcome can enable the Netatmo 110dB siren on detection. Conversely, the security sensors can turn on the camera when someone opens a door or window.


You install the camera through the app and a Bluetooth connection that is used for this purpose only. The internet connection works via Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet cable that attaches to the back.

Netatmo, the surveillance camera recognizes faces up to sixteen people. You need to learn about the camera. Any unknown face gets a question mark in the app. You click to give the person a name and profile. You have to repeat this several times with different images. But after a while, the camera recognizes the faces smoothly.

You decide which faces being “trusted”. The camera can then arm itself when none of the trusted persons leave the house. You decide how long the camera waits when you notice any absences.

You can also automatically fire and disarm the camera via your smartphone (geo-fencing). The distance is set to 100 meters by default and you can not change that. Additionally, manual weaponry and disarmament are also possible.

The camera reports when someone arrives, but not every time a known person walks past the camera. The device can also send a warning and record video when the built-in microphone sounds an alarm.

The microphone must be permanently switched on for this function. Then, of course, the video will also include all the conversations in the space it is in.


The picture and sound quality are excellent. The full HD CMOS chip in the Welcome has extra-large pixels of 2 microns. Capture faces even remotely or with limited light.

The Netatmo Welcome and Canary All-in-One are virtually unobtrusive, but Netatmo Welcome offers a better price-quality ratio. learn more for a dependable seller that will give you the stainless steel cart you’re looking for quickly and easily.


The Netatmo Welcome is a discreet indoor surveillance camera that recognizes faces with outstanding image quality. Functionally, it is very similar to the previously tested Canary All-in-One. The surveillance camera which does not recognize faces but has a loud built-in siren. But, that feature is missing in Welcome.

However, Netatmo’s camera can activate them separately available alarm siren of this brand in an emergency.

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