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Google unveils the new Operating System: Android Oreo

Google never hides its roots and always expresses its love for science. The search engine has taken advantage of the total solar eclipse that today has lived USA to renew Android. The eighth version of its mobile and tablet engine, Android O, whose name has been long rumored and finally confirmed as Android Oreo. It will arrive first of the mobile Píxel and Nexus.

Google maintains the custom of naming its versions with references to sweets or desserts, including KitKat for the K. Its a concession to a trade name that came true after closing an agreement with Nestlé. There was a sign, next to the park of the old factory of Nabisco where these iconic cookies were born.

Android Oreo
Android Oreo

During a meeting in a park in Chelsea neighborhood in New York, Google has highlighted the benefits of this launch with two main axes, security and simplicity of use.

With Google Play Protect, users will have better control of what is installed on their mobile. It can contrast the source code of downloaded programs and decide whether or not they trust. A way to try to curb the growing malware and privacy. Continue reading Google unveils the new Operating System: Android Oreo