The effects of video games on our health and behavior have been studied for years. Some researchers indicate that this type of activity improves short-term visual memory and coordination between sight and hands. But there are those who are looking for negative consequences of this activity.

A group of researchers from the University of Montreal and McGill University in Canada have published a study in which they have come to a curious conclusion about it. It says , playing action games like Call of Duty reduces the amount of gray matter in your hippo campus , while playing Super Mario type games makes that amount of gray matter grow. But the twist is, there is no danger in either one or another case.effects of video games

In this article  I am going to discuss about the negative and positive   effects of video games on our psychological health:

Less gray matter in the hippo campus

Researchers first studied the brain of 33 regular players who spent 19 hours a week playing action-type games like Call of Duty. Then they asked other 43 people to invest 90 hours for 10 weeks for playing both action and  games like Super Mario in a controlled testing environment.

After these tests they carried out the study by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and discovered that those who played those 19 hours a week average had less gray matter in the hippo campus than those who did not play video games.effects of video gamesAfter the tests with the second test confirmed these signs. But also those who played video games like Super Mario ended up gaining gray matter in their hippo campus.

Don’t let the alarms skip, the thing is not so much

Simone Kuhn, professor of neuronal plasticity at the Hamburg-Eppendorf Clinical University in Germany, said that these players should not worry: “I would never interpret these discoveries as a critical warning against action games.”

One of the reasons could be the designs of those action games. That is, the presence of the traditional over impressed maps on screen makes players not have to use their hippo campus memory system to navigate those maps.

For this expert, in these games the caudate nucleus  is used instead of the hippo campus. Caudate nucleus is part of the system of rewards of the brain: “It is as if your brain worked on autopilot,” he explained.

Those responsible for the study, indicated that if they had to recommend a type of video games to someone “would be one of 3d platforms or a game of logical puzzles.” “There is clear evidence that these games can be beneficial to the brain.”

Thanks a lot for your time. Hope you have enjoyed reading my article on the effects of video games on our mental health.