Technology is changing the way we relate to other people and our environment and much more, but this time we will focus on the automotive sector. The autonomous vehicle has driven an innovation process that goes far beyond technological evolution and will directly affect the territory and society. The consequences of its implementation, says a study carried out by the ThinkHub Foundation of the Pathways,are as promising as uncertain, as there are key questions such as “the incidence of the autonomous vehicle in the consumption of energy, employment and land use, and such as how people will take up the change and at what speed the transition will take place.”

Apart from these issues, what is clear is that important changes are taking place that should not be ignored. “The better prepared you are, the better you can tackle the challenges and take advantage of opportunities, both in your own mobility and the negative effects of the current transport model, accelerating, for example, its mandatory decarbonization. The automotive vehicle opens up numerous opportunities for civil engineering – especially in terms of the equipping of communication routes and the planning and coordination of mobility – with implications for the transport of people and goods, cities and territory, road safety, the labor market, energy consumption and regulation,” the report explains.

The automation is increasing, to which it is necessary to add the process of digitization and the change of uses, especially of the private ones. Soon we will see that the electric vehicle, the shared or the autonomous are new models and forms. “The autonomous,” explains the study of the Fundación Caminos, “are characterized by their ability to move independently” due to the various technological tools with which they are equipped to perceive their environment and make decisions accordingly. Thus, mobility limitations due to driving difficulties,such as age, will disappear and there will be numerous changes in transport and mobility. “The revolution is not so much in the technological development itself, as in its implications in the way in which society and people organize, relate and understand their life.”

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